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Top Three Most Common Defects in Vacant Land Deals ft. Anthony Weiler

In this this episode, Ron Apke is joined by guest and fellow expert land flipper Anthony Weiler. The discussion focuses on the topic of land defects, specifically on road access, slope, and flood zones. When working with a property that has land defects, there are strategies you can use to negotiate a better price using this knowledge.

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Reviewing a Land Flipping Deal in Tennessee (Step by Step)

Today, Ron Apke of the Apke Brothers is reviewing a land deal step by step in Tennessee. This walkthrough features a 7.6 acre parcel in Fayette County that one of the Land Investing Online members currently has under contract for $37,500. When we do land deals we aim to double our money. Read more to learn how we do it!

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The Real Estate
Investing Podcast

The Real Estate Investing Podcast

Real estate investing and land flipping doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Meet Ron and Daniel Apke, two brothers who’ve bought and sold over 500 properties over the last 2 years and amassed over $5 Million. They believe deeply in creating financial freedom and are passionate about helping you build a roadmap for your own success. Listen here for the most approachable and practical conversations in real estate and a community to help you get to the next level in your entrepreneurial journey.

Mindset To Making $1M/Yr With Land Investing
byDaniel Apke and Ron Apke

Achieving the ambitious goal of making $1 million per year with land investing is as much about mindset as it is about strategy. In this motivational episode of ”The Real Estate Investing Podcast,” Ron Apke dives deep into the psychological and strategic foundations necessary to reach the seven-figure mark in the world of land investing. ”Mindset To Making $1M/Yr With Land Investing” explores the crucial attitudes, approaches, and mental shifts that pave the way to success in this lucrative niche.

Key Episode Highlights:

  • Developing a Millionaire Mindset: Ron begins by emphasizing the importance of cultivating a mindset that aligns with your financial goals. He discusses the power of positive thinking, goal setting, and the significance of visualizing success.

  • Overcoming Mental Barriers: Discover how to identify and overcome the common mental barriers that can hinder progress. Ron shares insights into combating fear, dealing with failure, and the necessity of stepping out of your comfort zone to facilitate growth.

  • Strategic Planning and Execution: Learn about the strategic planning and relentless execution required to achieve a $1 million/year revenue from land investing. Ron outlines how to create a business plan that scales, focusing on market research, investment analysis, and efficient operational workflows.

  • The Importance of Education and Continuous Learning: Ron stresses the need for ongoing education in the ever-evolving land market. He talks about leveraging books, seminars, mentorships, and podcasts to stay informed and ahead of industry trends.

  • Networking and Building Relationships: Understand the role of networking and relationship building in achieving significant financial milestones. Ron discusses how connections within the industry can lead to partnerships, deals, and opportunities that might not be accessible otherwise.

  • Leveraging Technology and Automation: In the digital age, making the most of technology and automation is key to scaling a land investing business. Ron explores the tools and software that can streamline operations, enhance marketing efforts, and improve deal analysis.

  • Adaptability and Resilience: Ron concludes by highlighting the importance of being adaptable in your strategies and resilient in the face of challenges. He shares personal anecdotes and lessons learned from navigating the ups and downs of the land investing journey.


This episode is designed to inspire and guide both new and seasoned investors through the mental and strategic journey of building a $1 million per year land investing business. With Ron Apke's expert insights and motivational advice, listeners will be equipped with the mindset and tools needed to achieve their financial ambitions in land investing.

Tune in to ”Mindset To Making $1M/Yr With Land Investing” for a comprehensive guide to developing the mindset of a successful land investor and strategically advancing towards your financial goals.



0:00 Intro

1:32 Does it make sense to hold out time for more $$?

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