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How to Mail Merge for FREE Using Google Docs

After this Mail Merge tutorial, you will be able to pull nearby land owner addresses and merge it with a letter which will be mailed out. This marketing method will draw more attention to your property, and ultimately lead to you selling it faster!

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Making Six Figures by Subdividing a SINGLE Piece of Land

Subdividing involves breaking a larger piece of land into smaller parcels for resale. This process is particularly lucrative when done in rural areas, where buyers seek more extensive plots of land. It offers the potential for a significant return on investment and is a great step forward to scale your land flipping business.

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How to Flip Land While Working a FULL TIME Job

Starting a land flipping business alongside a full-time job may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t require 40 hours a week. After a few months of consistent effort, you’ll gain a good understanding of the business model and how it works, making things easier.

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Buy & Sell Land for a Profit FAST (5 Tips)

Our business model focuses on buying land under market value quickly. We strive to make the process as easy as possible for both the seller and the buyer on the backend.
Speed is what gets us under-market value land deals. Speed is what gets the property flipped and sold for profit FAST.

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The Real Estate
Investing Podcast

The Real Estate Investing Podcast

Real estate investing and land flipping doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Meet Ron and Daniel Apke, two brothers who’ve bought and sold over 500 properties over the last 2 years and amassed over $5 Million. They believe deeply in creating financial freedom and are passionate about helping you build a roadmap for your own success. Listen here for the most approachable and practical conversations in real estate and a community to help you get to the next level in your entrepreneurial journey.

How To Wholesale Land The RIGHT Way
byDaniel Apke and Ron Apke



0:00 Intro

0:22 The wrong way to do it

5:34 The right way to wholesale land

9:29 Our method

15:50 Wrap Up



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