Best Way To Get Involved In Land

In 2022, there are many ways to get involved in land. A variety of assets can expose you to land & its value, and you can absolutely find one that best meets your investment needs. No matter if you are a conservative investor that doesn’t have a lot of time or an aggressive one with […]

How To Make $1M / Year Working 5 Hours Per Week

Tim Ferriss is a popular author that wrote the famous book “The 4 hour work week”. The message behind it is creating a job or a revenue stream that does not require alot of time but can still produce great results. While it is not very easy to do necessarily, it is possible. There a […]

Top Mistakes That New Land Investors Make & How To Avoid Them

When we got started we were not lucky enough to miss out on our own mistakes. As a matter of fact, the mistakes we initially made is one of the reasons why we made Land Investing Online. When starting a new venture or a business, mistakes are part of the process of building that business. […]

Where is the Best Place to Invest in Land

As a beginner land investor or flipper, this is going to be one of the first questions you ask yourself, and it is a good one. With land all over the country to pick from, how do you pick where you should invest and look to operate your business? In this post, we are going […]

The Best Real Estate Niches of 2023

Have you heard that most millionaires make their money in real estate? If so, it’s true. You have probably heard of house flipping, the Buy Rehab Rent Refinance Repeat (BRRRR) method, or wholesaling. There are many different avenues you could take in the real estate market, so the million-dollar question then arises, what is the […]

Why Land Investing Is The Best Investment

There are innumerable ways to invest in Real Estate, it can get confusing amidst all those options. What are the best amidst all of those choices? While there is some great success people can find with creative financing, rentals, etc; there is one specific niche in Real Estate Investing that stands out amongst all of […]

Land Flipping Negotiation Tips for Buyers

Land flipping is an incredible way to get into the world of land investment and make quick returns if you know what you’re doing. At first, land flipping can be quite tricky, especially negotiating with sellers to get their property. Once you’ve figured out what to do, approaching sellers becomes a lot easier, and getting […]

Land Flipping For Beginners

When thinking of investing in a physical asset, most people tend to think about investing in houses and apartments rather than land. It’s understandable why you may feel this way, but you’d be missing out if you didn’t read more about the potential of land flipping as a form of income. Especially, when you consider […]

Land Flipping Coaching

Land flipping can help you earn thousands of dollars without going through traditional real estate challenges. While it is a straightforward way to make a profit, learning some trade tips can help you stand out and succeed. Land flipping coaching is a reliable option to perfect your knowledge. Here is all you need to know […]

Land Flipping Niches in 2023

You must have heard the term house flipping where you buy a house, fix it and sell it for profit within a short period. However, did you know that you can apply the same profitable method to vacant land, lots and acreage? In this article we are going to discuss the best land flipping niches […]