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How Can We Help?

What’s Included In The Initial Purchase of The Program?

The program will get you access to the complete course, advanced modules, three weekly calls and recorded calls if you are not able to make it. Being a member, you will get access to our weekly calls, where we go over different deals, opportunities in the industry, and industry updates. It is our GUARANTEE to provide you will the most up-to-date information and all the tools and resources to make you successful.

What’s Included In The Monthly Membership?

The $99 monthly subscription fee gets you the following:

  • Advanced Modules that are constantly being added to and updated.
  • Member on Wednesday Webinar
  • Recorded weekly webinars.
  • Data tree account.
  • In-house affordable mail service with mail tracking and more.
  • Member-only weekly deal deep dives.
  • Member-only Discord (priority responses).
  • Accountability group – learn with others on the same path!
Is There A Guarantee?

At Land Investing Online, it is our mission to help you unlock your potential freedom. Our process has been proven my our members and we are very confident in the course, resources and community.

With our trust in the process, it is our GUARANTEE to have you get your first deal in the first 3 MONTHS of starting. If we do not live up to those expectations, we are offering the following:

100% Cash Back

Check out our guarantee here:

What Makes This Course Different?

The unique opportunity that is hard to find elsewhere. Land Investing is an exploding arbitrage opportunity that not many are taking advantage of. We learned how to build a land business and make it very profitable for us. While there is still a large opportunity in land, we want to get as many people established as possible to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

The course is a collection of mistakes we’ve made and how to work around them, but also a step-by-step framework to build your very own business. We are holding your hand and taking you to the finish line – all you have to do is walk with us.

Do I Need To Do This Full Time?

What you put in, you will get out. You can very easily get started while you work another job, or even two! The time requirements of land investing are not very high, and it is very easy to delegate and hire out smaller tasks which we also teach you how to do in the course!

You can go into this full-time or part-time, whatever your schedule allows.

What Is Discord & Why Does LIO Use It?

Discord is extremely easy to use once you get the hang of the platform. It is the ideal platform to host a community now with text, voice, and video uses.

We host our weekly calls in discord, chat with other investors, and send resources to one another with no hassle.

If you’re curious about learning how to use discord more and familiarize yourself with the platform, click here to check out our tutorial video.

Why Land Investing?

Freedom, money, and time.

A very realistic salary of a land flipper is $250,000. That means you are potentially missing out on

Every Day You Wait = $700 

Land Investing does not require much time. Our 30-day challenge including both the course time and action items only takes 19 hours. With our average profit per deal coming in at $22,000 in 2022 that means your first 19 hours to get the first deal you could be getting paid over $1,000+ an hour for your work in this challenge!  

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

You are free to cancel anytime!

Your membership will remain active until the next billing cycle.

How Much Time Per Week Do I Need To Spend On This?

This is based on your schedule. We have seen success working only 5 hours per week, granted those are very focused hours. 

The more time you can spend, the better but there is not a need to put 40 hours per week into this. The average for our students range from 5 – 25 hours per week depending on the size of their business and deal flow.

How Long is It Until I See A Return On My Initial Investment?

We have students get deals in as little as 1 month, but if you wait to send out your mailers then your investment return will also be delayed.

This depends on the action you take but can range from 1 month to 6 months.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

You can get started with as little as $3-5K!

We recommend anywhere between $3-10K if you would like some of the work to be offloaded and easier such as hiring an answering service, sending more mail, etc. 

Can I Do This From Anywhere?

Yes, we have international members doing this from Europe, Australia, Canada, Mexico and more! The way we teach does not require you to be in the US or even a US citizen.

As Seen On:

I Want To Move Forward, But Where Do I Start?”
If you end up asking the same question, it’s time for a change! Land Flipping Bootcamp provides you with a clear pathway that you can follow to master the skill! Even if you are completely unaware of land investing, our uniquely crafted course will help you learn systematically and become an expert land flipper in a few months!
“There Is Always Someone Willing to Learn What You Know!”
Our team of seasoned land flippers goes by the aforementioned! Our primary objective is to nurture you with all the prerequisites essential to become an expert in land flipping online! We facilitate you with an active learning environment where you can interact with professionals and learn all the skills firsthand!

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Land flipping is genuinely the best thing if you want to make substantial side hustle money while working part-time, simultaneously with your daily commitments! It’s for everyone, and if you get into it, land flipping will be the best financial decision of your life!

So, After You’ve joined our discord, engaged with our online community, and watched our free YouTube content… It’s time to become a member!