Get Your First Deal In 30 Days Challenge

Groundbreaking Business Building Framework That Will Help You Find Freedom.

Intensive 30-Day Challenge Designed To Shortcut Your Success & Build Your Business Fast

You Will Learn:

Everyone wants to build a profitable business. A business that can give them newfound freedom. A business that can replace their 9-5 job.

The unfortunate reality is that most people do not have a framework, they do not know where to start.

We have a solution

A proven, tested methodology for building a profitable business through land investing. Not only that, but we lay out the steps for you A Z.

The only thing holding you back from success is your willingness to work, and dedicate the time required to build it.

Your success lies in your hands.

We have laid out a 30 day plan to get you your first deal starting from absolutely nothing. With as little as 1 hour a day, you can have your first deals coming to your desk within 30 days. That means you can do this along with your 9-5 job while you get started.

Many of our students have had the same result, only 30 days in this industry and landing their first deals which could bring them in upwards of $20,000+.

That is the magic of land investing. Land Investing is the least competitive, and most profitable sector of real estate. It is a land of opportunity… no pun intended… waiting for you to act.

Take the challenge today and get your first deal in 30 days.

Our LIO Guarantee

At Land Investing Online, it is our mission to help you unlock your potential freedom. Our process has been proven my our members and we are very confident in the course, resources and community. 

With our trust in the process, it is our GUARANTEE to have you profitable in the first 8 MONTHS of starting. If we do not live up to those expectations, we are offering the following:

FREE two months of the program ($200 VALUE)

Two 1-on-1 coaching calls ($500 VALUE)

With that UNBEATABLE offer, we have the certain stipulations:

Don’t delay your success longer. Take advantage of this challenge & discount today:

Your purchase includes:

$1495 $ 995 Per Year
  • Land Investing Online Full Course (Over 30 modules!)
  • 30 Day Action Plan To Get Your First Deal
  • Access To Land Investing Online Member Benefits
  • Private Member only Discord chat
  • Accountability group to keep you on track
  • LIO Success Guarantee
  • Weekly Member Calls
  • Due Diligence Resource Sheet
  • Letter Template For Mailers
  • Discounts on Data & Mail services
  • Discounts to answering & phone services
$1495 $ 995 Per Year


In order to help you succeed in your first month we are offering you a free bonus of the Top 10 Mistakes That Beginning Land Investors Make & How To Avoid Them, our very own LIO Land Flipping Profit Calculator, and a tracker to help keep you on track during your challenge.

Skeptical? It makes sense, these results are out of this world.

See what our students have to say:

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