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You Will Learn:

Why Land Investing

Freedom, money, and time.

A very realistic salary of a land flipper is $250,000. That means you are potentially missing out on Every Day You Wait = $700 

Land Investing does not require much time. Our 30-day challenge including both the course time and action items only takes 19 hours. With our average profit per deal coming in at $22,000 in 2022 that means your first 19 hours to get the first deal you could be getting paid over $1,000+ an hour for your work in this challenge!  

We have a solution

A proven, tested methodology for building a profitable business through land investing. Not only that, but we lay out the steps for you A – Z.

The only thing holding you back from success is your willingness to work, and dedicate the time required to build it.

With as little as 1 hour a day, you can have your first deals coming to your desk within 30 days.

That means no need to quit your 9-5 job!

Many of our students have had the same result, only 30 days in this industry and landing their first deals which could bring them in upwards of $20,000+.

Take the challenge today and get your first deal in 30 days.

Our LIO Guarantee

We are so confident in our process, that we GUARANTEE you to be get your first deal in just 3 months! Read more here.

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In order to help you succeed in your first month we are offering you a free bonus of the Top 10 Mistakes That Beginning Land Investors Make & How To Avoid Them, our very own LIO Land Flipping Profit Calculator, and a tracker to help keep you on track during your challenge. 

Being a member, you will get access to our weekly calls, where we go over different deals, opportunities in the industry, and industry updates. It is our GUARANTEE to provide you will the most up-to-date information and all the tools and resources to make you successful. 
On top of that, you get access to the course which is the backbone of your new land business. In our course we walk you through the steps to building your business from A-Z, starting with how to find deals, send out mailers, and ending with setting yourself up as a real estate company.
The $99 monthly subscription fee gets you the following:
  • Advanced Modules that are constantly being added to and updated.
  • Recorded weekly webinars.
  • Data tree account.
  • In-house affordable mail service with mail tracking and more.
  • Member-only weekly deal deep dives.
  • Member-only Discord (priority responses).
  • Accountability group – learn with others on the same path!

The unique opportunity that is hard to find elsewhere. Land Investing is an exploding arbitrage opportunity that not many are taking advantage of. We learned how to build a land business and make it very profitable for us. While there is still a large opportunity in land, we want to get as many people established as possible to take advantage of this rare opportunity. 

Now, this challenge showcases the true potential of this business model. Helping you get to your very first deal in only 30 days, and scaling far beyond that.

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