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In this episode of The Real Estate Investing Podcast, Ron Apke is joined by member of the LIO community Deshawn Jackson!

Deshaun’s journey into real estate began with wholesaling, a method of real estate investment focused on finding distressed properties and selling them quickly for a profit.

He initially hesitated, skeptical of the “get-rich-quick” promises often associated with the land flipping industry. However, his curiosity led him to explore further, and he soon found himself immersed in the world of land investing thanks to YouTube and the Apke Brothers.

Starting Out

Deshawn’s approach was straightforward – focus on the work, reinvest profits back into the business, and continually seek opportunities for growth.

Admittedly, his success wasn’t immediate. He faced setbacks and challenges, particularly during his early days of cold calling.

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Despite experiencing months without a deal, he remained steadfast in his commitment to the journey. 
The most important practices Deshawn uses having a resilient mindset, maintaining focus on long-term goals, and being prepared to put in the necessary effort.

Winning Strategy

A key aspect of Deshawn’s strategy is his dedication to learning and networking. He actively sought out education from various sources, including online resources and community platforms like the Real Estate Investing Podcast.

By engaging with others in the industry and leveraging their insights, Deshawn was able to refine his approach and stay informed about market trends and opportunities.

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Ron: What did you bring from wholesaling that you kind of brought here?

Deshawn: Everything. It wasn’t a hard transition. It was just like easy. No headaches, no inspections, no walking through somebody’s house with whatever they’re hoarding. We have tons of those stories too.

Ron: You’re just plugging away and like putting money back into the business it sounds like, right?

Not like you’re gonna try to get a watch or whatever it is. Like, I’m talking about your business and like Any advice for people looking to get in land investing?

Deshawn: Guys, do not think that it’s going to take a thousand calls to get a deal. Don’t think it’s going to take one call to get a deal. It’s just going to take whatever how many it takes.

Ron: Hey everybody, welcome back to the Real Estate Investing Podcast. I’m your host, Ron Apke, joined by a very special guest today, Deshaun Jackson. He’s a part of our community. He’s done land deals. Really cool story and happy for Deshaun to share it. Welcome in, Deshaun. Hey, how you guys doing? Thank you for having me.

Awesome. Yep. Well, I appreciate you coming on here to Sean and uh, we’ve been trying to set this up for a while, so I’m really excited. Let’s just first start off. I always kind of like want to give the listeners kind of your background. Everyone who comes on, all, all guests who come on our show have a different background.

Uh, and listeners can take different things out of it for sure. Talk about your background a little bit before you found land investing and like how you did find it.

Deshawn: Okay. Um, background was, I was welding at the time, uh, was welding for about maybe three, four years. Um, got into that, uh, from a friend of mine, um, and then I was doing that.

Then my sister, she had sent me something about this thing called wholesaling. And then, uh, after that I just became engulfed. I’ve, well, Let me take a step back at first. At first, at first, at first, I thought it was one of those, you know, get rich quick type deals. Like this guy just was on this radio. He was like, yeah, I make, I make money and I don’t have to put anything down and have to do this and do that.

And it’s like flipping a contract. And I’m like, this don’t sound legal. So, so I do do a research on this guy. And, um, I end up fast forwarding from doing a houses. I ended up doing land in Cape Coral, Florida. And, um, after that, um, after that thing slowed down, it got really, really busy, uh, during COVID around there.

And then, um, I ended up just doing vacant, vacant lots, um, that weren’t infill. If that makes sense. Yeah.

Ron: So how long ago was it when you kind of found us? I know you’ve been, I’m sure you’re a YouTube guru as far as listening to everything, like you’re always watching education, learning different things, which is awesome.

That’s what I like about you so much. But um, how long ago did you find us? Cause I know you’ve been on our YouTube lives for, seems like a couple years.

Deshawn: I Yes, think when you guys started to take off. Uh, I think I’ve been around and listening since, you know, almost from the inception, I want to say. You know what I mean?

Yeah. Yeah. It’s been, when did you guys start? What year was it?

Ron: We started the education about two years ago with the, uh, with the podcast. It’s probably about two years ago today, around this month, March. Uh, so yeah, we’re right around there for sure. Um, really cool though. And you, so you started in InfoLots in Cape Coral and then how did you get into BiggerLots?

Was that, uh, how did that happen?

Deshawn: It was on me. I just kind of wanted to see the others. Like when I was just dealing with there, I was still getting the, the 2, 500, maybe, you know, 4, 000, you know, assignments, things, things like that. And I was like, there’s bigger acreage out here. There’s bigger, bigger business going on out here.

And I wanted to cut out the middleman because I still had somebody. You know, facilitating the deals after I wholesale it to him, he went on to make, you know, 20, 30, 40. So,

Ron: So was it the margin, was it the margin that like, okay, I can do less deals and make more money?

Deshawn: Yes, because, um, it takes the same time.

Mm hmm. It takes the same time to do, you know, 2, 500 to 10, 000 to, you know, 20, 000.

Ron: And you at that time, when you made that transition, or like, talk about your education behind all this. Was it strictly YouTube stuff, or did you have any programs, anything like that? Cause you just invested in our program, I mean it was a month, two months ago, something like that.

What was kind of your education prior to that? Or was it just testing things, trying things, cold calling, what did that look like?

Deshawn: Uh, like you said, YouTube university. Um, before I got to you guys, it was this guy, uh, doing, uh, his name was Damien Dupuy. He was in North Carolina. Um, he was, he was really doing the education for me.

And, um, I’ve just bought one guy’s course, but it was never land. It was houses and you know what I mean? But I didn’t, it wasn’t a hard transition. You know what I mean? It was just like easy. You know what I mean? It was just like kind of the same thing, but it’s no headaches, no inspections, no, you know, walking through somebody’s house with, uh, Whatever they’re hoarding, you know what I mean?

And I have tons of those stories too. So, yeah, yeah.

Ron: Yeah So what so what is your deal flow look like or what kind of is your marketing strategy over the last couple years? I know you recently started mail. Was this kind of your first batch? What has been your acquisition strategy the last two years or so?

Deshawn: I’ve been just cold calling. Um, I was yourself. Yeah myself hand dialing. I mean, yeah This is what I would do. All right. I’ll tell you guys, this is what I would do. So I would start on prop stream, shout out to prop stream for getting me here. Cause they got me here for this far enough, but I got the prop stream, got that list.

I would go to true people search. Or a true people finder. They’re both a skip tracer. You put in the information and then I would just call each number by hand that was linked to that person. And I mean, I would call five, I would pull a list for 5, 000 people. So it’s each name. Say I’m calling you, you would have four to five numbers attached just to you.

You know what I mean? So I call that. Okay. He doesn’t answer. Send the text message. Obviously leave the voicemail next sale. I do that hours per day.

Ron: Yeah. Yeah. That’s grit. That’s grit, which I love. Um, it’s like, it’s not like, and you just build it up. You build it up, you do some deals, you build up some capital and then you might be able to outsource.

Are you outsourcing cold calling now or are you still, what’s kind of a, what is a transition to?

Deshawn: Right. Well now I’m, this is my first mailer and I just actually got a call back today. I got an email the other day. So, um, I haven’t hired out yet as far as, uh, fielding the calls or whatever because I have a Google, I have a Google Service set up for that.

They can just call my Google Service and they’ll go straight to a answer machine and then, you know, it’s my, it’s my, you know, hello. This is y ya ya. Yeah. And then they’ll, they’ll get me the, the message and they’ll leave their offer code and I’ll call them back. So, yeah. Mm-Hmm. so. Are you still doing some cold calling on days?

I am just so, okay. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cut you off yet. Cause I was, I was talking to Anthony and, um, he was like, you know, it wouldn’t, it wouldn’t hurt following up with the people that you already mailed. But then for my, for my mailers, it got cut off around, I pulled about 2400 of them. It got cut off around 2000.

So I’m calling the, I’m cold calling the remainder 400 and they’re at the bottom of the list. So that’s where the big acreage is. So that is a plus.

Ron: Yeah, that’s awesome. So what, what does your deal flow look like? I know we gave you an assignment fee on one in the last couple of months. I was, I don’t know, 10 I don’t remember exactly.

What has your deal flow been over? I mean, you’ve been grinding it out like cold calling guys and the type of people who answer the phone. Yeah. Awesome. It’s just grit. It’s determination. It’s like nothing else. It doesn’t matter Uh, like what the people say on the other end It’s going to the next phone call and just making the deal happen But talk a little bit about like what what your deal flow has looked like the last couple years.

Deshawn: Um, Before, before last year last year. I was about to quit. I was about to quit because I didn’t get anything Like I was calling calling calling calling calling calling. I was man. I was talking to god. I’m like, you know what god? You My family was looking at me funny and my brother and my sister like what happened You were just doing deals left and right every month you had a deal and I’m like, I don’t know what’s going on So I just keep watching videos keep, you know, tuning in you guys keep on the phone December I get a deal cuz I’m like, yeah Lord.

I was like if I don’t get a deal by the end of this year I was like, I’m done So I was like, so the December 20 something is I got a deal and that since then I haven’t had anything. You know, that was my first, you know, my mailer. So I’m, I’m waiting to see what’s going on and actively calling. So yeah.

Ron: Awesome. That’s awesome. I’m excited to see where that goes. What kind of, you said you’re doing cold calling or when you were doing cold calling, because a lot of people, Deshawn, I really want to talk to those people who are kind of in your position or where they were in their position where maybe they can’t do mail for now and The mindset behind picking up the phone and dialing for two to three hours.

What would you kind of tell like, it’s like they want to make a change in their life, whatever it is. And I’m sure that you’re like that. Like it didn’t matter. Like you were just going to do it. What, uh, like you had tough days, I’m sure when you’re cold calling like that. But, uh, talk about kind of the mindset and any advice for someone kind of in that position.

Like they know lands, the thing that they want to do, they know it can provide some freedom for them. They know they can make some money in it. What kind of advice or like, cause there’s days, like, I know there’s days when you’re cold calling that many people, um, and the type of people for sure, but I talked about that a little bit.

Deshawn: It’s. You just have to have like a tunnel vision. Like, you know, say you’re a horse, you got the blinders on, you know, it’s like, where do you want to be? I mean, you know, where you are, you know what I mean? So it’s like, either you can pick up that phone and make that call, or you can’t be on the other side of that.

You know what I mean? It’s, it’s, Either you’re going to step on this side or you’re not. So every day it would get tough. You know, I was calling when I had strep throat, I was calling back to back last year. I had lost both of my grandmas. They both passed away. Uh, November, December still was on the phone.

It’s like, you can’t let anything stop you. You have to keep going if this is where you want to be. You know what I mean? Yeah. It’s like, it does. It’s where you are burning you up more than where you want to be. You know what I mean? It’s like, what, what sacrifice are you going to make for who you want to be?

You know what I mean? You have to look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and say, Hey, I’ll put in this work. Even if you didn’t man, I took all year to get a deal to get one deal. You know what I mean? So it’s like, what do you really want to do? Are you going to put in the reps or are you not?

You know what I mean? You can build the muscle, the callus or to know that, Hey, when somebody calls you or you call them and they say. Cuss you out for, you know what I mean? For no reason. Just wanting to buy their property. You can just be like, Hey, this is just a person. I don’t know what they’re going through.

They could be going through something. Click. This is a whole fresh new call. Hello. My name is, and it’s just back to the same old thing. You don’t, don’t absorb it. Just observe it. You know what I mean? Don’t take it on. Don’t take in everything. Just say, Hey, this is what I want to do. Observe where you are and just go about it that way.

Ron: So going into those calls, like if you have a list of 100 people or 20, whatever the number is in a day that you want to hit, um, going into those calls, like what is your plan going in? Is it gauging motivation? Is it gauging interest? Do you have a price in mind? What are those calls that look like when you have a list of 100 people?

Do you look at their land at all before? What does that look like?

Deshawn: I typically don’t look at the land. I will have the offer price. I’ll have every everything set up, you know what I mean? So if they want to keep, yeah, if they want to keep, you know, the conversation going, I have that. I don’t have to stammer and, uh, uh, let me look at my laptop or something weird.

You know what I mean? And then have to take up time. So I try to get to the point and concise, you know what I mean? I go into it. Hey, this is what’s going on. And I know, um, this is what I need to say. And yes, I am gauging motivation. I’ll say, Hey, are you, that’s my first question. Are you interested in an offer on your property?

No. Okay. Next. But if so, then they say, Hey, what are you offering? That’s when you get caught up. Don’t freeze when they say what you’re offering. Go right, go right to the, well, what we do is we’d like to close within two weeks. We liked it. And if that is, this is the offer that we have for you. And then from then you can go and, you know, try to, you know, dissect the conversation if they want to keep talking to you.

Ron: And that’s key when you guys, if you’re in a position guys, to cold call where you, where you, whatever, you don’t want to send mail, you can’t send mail, you don’t want to text, whatever the situation is, and you want to pick up the phone and dial, you need to go in, like Deshawn’s saying, with a number in mind.

It doesn’t have to be that final finality number, but what I can do if I’m calling Deshawn, and I, I know the, I have a price in mind, like 40, 000, whatever it is, and, Deshawn’s like, yeah, I want 220, 000. Like, okay, we’re not close. We’re not even close. No ballpark. That number gives you the number you have on that paper.

It gives you like, okay, this is when, if we’re not close to this, we just can throw this away and that doesn’t make sense for anyone. Uh, we don’t want to waste each other’s time for sure. But if you go in with that number, it can make these, it makes it so much. So did, were you like pricing out the mail, not the mailers?

I call it the data, essentially pricing out the data kind of in bulk. But yes, by zip code. And that’s like. Okay. So you, you kind of, you self learned a lot of that stuff.

Deshawn: Oh, I went into it like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ron: How do you feel like your pricing was pretty good?

Deshawn: Yeah. Yeah. Because when, when I was calling, when I got my deal in December, it was just a piece of cake.

Like we, there was no haggling. There was no nothing. I was like, Hey, you want this yacht number? And he was like, yeah. I was like, okay, cool. It was like, like, I swear it was 10 minutes of work if that, and I only talked to him three times, like on the phone, his daughter really facilitated because she, and I got her as a networking contact as well.

She’s an agent out there in Tennessee. So that’s going to help me too going forward. That’s all. Yeah. Yes sir.

Ron: Yeah, that’s really cool to hear from and like, like you said, like, when you’re first starting, if you, whatever situation it is, like, it might take, it might take you a few months. Uh, there’s obviously ways to scale up faster, but, like, I, I don’t like when people have any, like, people try to blame external things.

I don’t have the funds for this business. I don’t have this for this business. There’s always a damn way. Like, you can, you can do, like, Like, if you have a job and you have work, like you can talk, you have a phone, like you can figure this out. You can invest. You can find 100 a month to invest in this business and cold call 1, 000 people or something like that.

Because those are like, it’s cheap. How cheap is it, John? If you’re trying to pull a list, get phone numbers, what does that look like? PropStream 100 and you could get 10, 000 leads. Yep. I mean, that’s, that’s for the entire year. Like say you, you could cancel PropStream theoretically and pull, pull the data.

Um, and then you got to pay for the phone numbers. Is that correct?

Deshawn: No. I, I, see, I looked up, I did the actual manual. Oh, you hand did that? Yeah, I did. Yeah, I did everything old school. So I wouldn’t. Okay. If you got it in, you do it. You know what I mean? Yeah. If you got the grit, go ahead and do that. You know what I mean?

Ron: Yeah

Deshawn: But it’s not for everybody, but there’s light at the tunnel.

Ron: So talk about like, you did that first deal, which you obviously grinded for, it’s amazing like hearing that story for sure and like it’s only going to go up from there. Of course. Like the, the more. Sometimes the more friction to that first deal, some people get their first deal on their first mailer and they make a hundred grand and they think everything’s like warm and fuzzy and all rainbows and everything and sunshine and all this.

And like sometimes the friction to getting that first deal really builds the person up and builds their confidence. Career in this business, which it makes sense. Like, okay, if it’s easy the first time, I’m going to assume it’s going to be easy. And when hard stuff happens, it’s going to tear me down versus like, everything’s going to be easier for you from, uh, nothing’s going to be as hard as cold calling for a whole year to get a deal.

Um, but talk about kind of what. Your business is going to transform into, uh, with some capital behind it. As you kind of do more deals, everything like that. What is your business, how you’re implementing cold calling? Uh, or is it just kind of when you have time, what does that look like going forward?

Deshawn: Okay, going forward.

This is how this is how I’m preparing it. Um, oh, can I just say something real quick? I, I, um, this is for this. Yeah, this is for, um, I guys do not think that it’s going to take a thousand calls to get a deal. Don’t think it’s going to take one call to get a deal. It’s just going to take whatever, how many it takes.

I once hired a Bruno. I really once hired a, um, man, why is it called? Um, What do we hire man? I’m sorry. Woo. Virtual assistant. I’m sorry. His first call, his first call. This is years ago. His first call, he got a deal for me. His first call number one on the list. So it’s, I mean, it’s just do it guys. But anyway, going forward for my business, this is how I plan to do it.

Um, I’m going to, uh, get your, the Pat live for it. Uh, I want to buy Pat live for the answering. And then after that, I’m going, I want to hire a, um, A virtual assistant who does the, who just fielding the calls and getting the motivation and everything, just the further step from Pat live. You know what I mean?

Doing a little bit of due diligence to see if this is what we want to do. And then it’ll get back to me for acquisitions. Then I want to hire out for that. Like, so for each, each way I go down during the year, I want to just, you know, kind of take a step backwards with each, uh, hire that I do with someone.

Um, you know, first I just wanted, you know, a virtual assistant, then a, um, acquisition manager, then a disposition manager. Then I want a market analysis person who can just go and look at different markets and see what’s going on, you know, and hire them out for that as well. I’m still going to do cold calling, but it will probably be, if I do, if I’m going to do it going forward, it’s going to be for the big, big acreage.

You know what I mean?

Ron: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. So what, what’s withholding you from, uh, I don’t know. Theoretically from because you what? And I turn this into a coaching call a little bit with you like you understand cold calling so much. You’ve had virtual assistants in the past of cold call you like what’s what’s holding you is that financial in terms of that, like from hiring a virtual assistant tomorrow who can cold call for you and make 100 calls a day where that might get you a leader to a day.

What’s holding you back from doing that?

Deshawn: Oh, I could do that. I just I’ve been really dying to do the mail.

Ron: Yeah.

Deshawn: No, I’ve been dying to do that. Like I’ve been like, I’ve been down, like, no, I just been trying. Like, I just wanted to try to like, it’s okay. It’ll take me whatever to call this many people. It’ll take months to call 5, 000 people.

But what if I can just pay and just blast this out and then turn them outbound and inbound. You know what I mean? I just wanted to test that water. I don’t, I’m not against the cold calling and still implementing that because it, what is it going to cost me three to 5 a day for a couple hours that they’re just picking up the phone from me.

You know what I mean? But sometimes the power dialers, those, sometimes those get pricey. So doing mail and the, so yeah, I guess it is, I guess financial doing the mail and the power dialers that that will be,

Ron: yeah, the triple. Yeah. Expensive for sure. Once you start adding multiple marketing, like I think you have a really good, like you said, if you can have inbound leads, like it makes everything easier.

Dan and I talk about all the time, like mail can be frustrating because the lack of leads and it can also be a lot. Some people get frustrated with mail because. How like much free time they got but I’m like dude, you’re still making money like you’re getting deals like deals are coming Like it’s just you’re bored.

I’ve had coaching students to legitimately tell me like they’re bored Like you’re doing well, you’re doing deals If you want more deals send more mail like that’s the answer a lot of times, but that’s really cool I think in it keeping people Cold calling in the, like you cold calling is a ton of value for sure.

And your business and growing with that for sure. So you, you did that first deal. You’ve invested in education. You invest in mail and you’re just, you’re just plugging away and like putting money back into the business. It sounds like, right?

Deshawn: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes.

Ron: Is that kind of your, it’s not like, yeah, it’s not like trying to get, try to get a watch or whatever it is.

Like I’m trying to grow your business and you being willing to do all that stuff is, uh, it’s really cool to see. Is that kind of your mindset going forward? You’re just like. Keep plugging into the business. Like my next deal, I close, I can do X. My next deal I can do X. I’m going to get a 50, 000 deal. And I just keep, keep funneling it into the business.

Deshawn: Exactly. Because I’ve like calculate, I mean, you, well, I’ve been hearing most people say 2, 500, you know, mailers, that’ll get you theoretically get you a deal. So if you double that, my next deal, let me double that. See what I get. The next deal, let me triple that. You know what I mean? And let me keep tripling that.

And at the same time, let me see what’s going on in another market. Because I was talking to Anthony, you know, like, because like you said, boredom, cause you’re waiting on the mail. You don’t know, you don’t know what’s going on. So I like to be busy. I was looking at another market in another state to see if I could start cold calling them while I’m waiting on these guys.

So it’s like, I want to stay busy. I don’t want to be idle. You know, I’m going to keep stuff going and see what’s out there. Can I ask you something? So what

Ron: So you went from like your wholesaling?

Deshawn: I’m so sorry to cut you off. Have you done deals in Texas? How do you do that with the non disclosure?

Ron: Yeah, I mean non disclosure states can have some more difficulties for sure it’s definitely possible we’ve done I mean, Kansas non disclosure We’ve done deals.

We just bought a deal the other day in Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Texas Mississippi, I mean we’ve done deals in all those states It the pricing aspect like understanding sales prices In a nondisclosure state is definitely tricky. And for everyone listening in nondisclosure state, basically they do not.

Advertise what a property sold for. It’s not public data essentially, um, versus most states, 40 of the states or so all have that. Um, so you really need to look what they do advertise is the last list price. So if something was posted for a hundred thousand dollars, you can see like it went pending when it was posted for a hundred thousand dollars.

You don’t know what it went under contract for necessarily, but you’re like, okay, it got listed on March 12th. It went pending on March 15th. Okay, it probably sold pretty darn close to 100, 000 if it sold in two days. Like, they’re not going to take an 80, 000 offer. So that’s the key, really, Deshawn, when you’re looking at those non disclosure states.

Deshawn: Thank you so much. I appreciate that. Sorry.

Ron: It’s something we’re working on with education. It’s tricky though, for sure. Um, but talk about real fast, Deshawn, like what did wholesaling houses, wholesaling, lots, all that stuff. I’m sure you’ve brought education from different places and the most successful people in our community do this.

We were taught, we’ve talked to so many people and like, They’re, they’re either learning on the go as they’re doing this and they bring education from different spots. What did you bring from wholesaling, uh, infill lots or houses that you kind of learned brought here?

Deshawn: Everything. Like, uh, like everything, like, um, There wasn’t anything like I already knew how to call up a title company.

I already knew how to like call the, uh, the county and get the, the, uh, the deed. I already know how to do that. Like I already know, I’m not scared to call any attorneys. I know how to do these things and find these people. Like, so I, everything like, you know what I mean? Like everything. So it’s like a lot of stuff in your, uh, in the modules for me.

Was like me just like kind of double checking my work saying, okay, I’m on the right path with this. Okay I already know like that not being like cocky or anything or arrogant, but it’s like, okay This is just double checking my work saying okay. I’m on the right path with this. You know what I mean? So yeah

Ron: And you’ve been in the game so much like you you’ve been you’ve been staying busy You’ve been in real estate.

You’ve been doing different things. Like you’re never like complacent. You’ve heard us talk. I mean, uh, uh, People who have heard us talk, the amount of hours people have heard us talk, like you’re probably up there on the leaderboard in terms of the amount of hours you’ve heard, you’ve heard, you’ve heard Dano and I talk.

It’s not, it’s not just a few hours for sure. You’re always active in the community, which is awesome. But any advice, I kind of ended here to Sean, any advice for people looking to get in land, investing people, whatever the situation, any advice for people kind of looking into that? It’s like you’re at the starting, starting point still, as far as getting started in mail, all that.

But, um, you’ve had a journey for sure. Any advice to people?

Deshawn: Courage Stay stay on it. Yeah, anything, you know new be willing to take on and honestly guys Find one person you want to listen to rather that be I’m sorry the happy brothers or whomever because I’m sure he can tell you There’s nothing new under the Sun that that they’re telling you as far as this stuff goes because every this has all been here So it’s who are you gonna pay attention to they’re doing it in a very good way So I advise you to stick with these guys like I did But anyway, so yeah, so stay at it stay the course, um be positive and stay on networking too.

Ron: I think networking to Deshawn is something that you’ve done really well as far as like being engaged in the community everything like that It’s very important guys like having people we had So we had Justin B on yesterday. We had, it’s not, it’s not up yet. We had, uh, Greg and Max last week and both of them said like their ability through struggles or through tough times.

Justin was breaking even or losing money his first six months in the business. Yeah. And he’s made 280, 000 in the last four months. Way to go Justin. Um, like these people, like the business, having someone to lean on, In tough times, having community, having people in our network, I think is really, really cool.

But other than that, Deshawn, I really, really appreciate you coming on here today. It was a pleasure. We’ll definitely do this again. Sometimes you guys want to touch base with Deshawn. He’s in our discord. I’m very willing to help. I’m sure anyone who is coming in the community, any questions on this. If you guys haven’t already hit the subscribe button below.

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It really means the world to Ron and I, but more importantly, it could help change the life of someone else. Thanks for joining and we’ll see you next episode.

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