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Members of the Apke Brothers online community have been asking the same question lately, “what happens to our land business during the holidays?”

In this episode of “The Real Estate Investing Podcast”, host Ron Apke discusses the topic of doing land deals around the holidays and how you can maintain steady profits during this time.

Ron addresses whether or not to send mail, and the response rates to expect during this time.
He also mentions selling land in December and what you can expect to see happen, as well as the potential opportunities that can arise during this part of the year.

Sending Mail During the Holidays

A lot of variables can effect the efficiency of sending mail during December/early January. 

While December may not be the most efficient month, consistent mail flow is essential for maintaining deal flow. We do not slow down or halt our mail sending during this time, but depending on your business, you may want to hold off on sending mail until January.

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Seller Response Rate & Expectations

We want to stress the importance of lead nurturing and effective communication with sellers, no matter what time of year we are in. 

You may be surprised at the responses you do get from mail, in fact we’ve received a call on Christmas day that we actually ended up closing!

Maximize on Opportunities

Again, no matter what time of year we are in, we always encourage seizing opportunities during the holidays, particularly for those with the capacity to send mail and deal with potential calls.

Competition may very well be doing the opposite, taking a month off, not focusing as much on marketing, not nurturing leads, etc. Use this to your advantage if you are able!

Again, deals CAN happen between Christmas and New Year’s, so it’s highly important that you are available to answer calls and respond to potential sellers. 

Listen or watch the full episode below ⬇️ for an in-depth breakdown on how to make and maintain profits in land investing during the holiday season!

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Ron: Welcome to the real estate investing podcast, where we help you unlock your potential freedom through land investing, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship. Hey everybody. Welcome back to the real estate investing podcast. I’m your host Ron Apke for this episode. And today we are going to be talking about the fastest way to go from 0 in land investing all the way up to a million dollars in profit.

And I really am talking about. Scaling it up to a million dollars of profit per year. And it sounds, I don’t want to say it sounds unattainable, but it sounds unrealistic for a lot of people who are first getting into this business. And the first thing that needs to change if you want to make a million dollars in this business is that mindset shift.

You need to believe that you can do it. You need to believe that is possible that initial shift. Is so, so important. And the people who have done that in our program and land, they all believed it from the start, or they were convinced of it throughout. And it’s not something that just happened. Like you just don’t happen.

Like you need goals. You need plans to make a million dollars. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s very, very realistic. So first off, let’s talk about. What a typical first year is for someone in land, investing land, flipping, uh, and we’ll talk about it from our perspective, from the students we see, from the people we talk to, from the people we coach, everything like that.

There’s so many people on different levels in their first year. But what I want to talk about here is the typical person who’s taking action, who’s sending mail. So let’s say someone starts January one. They start with education. They want to send three to 4, 000 mailers per month. That person, if they are consistent, we’re seeing that person do anywhere from like two 25 to three 50, 350, 000 their first year, they need to be attacking the right deals.

They need to be doing the right thing. The key to this person though, the typical person who’s not trying to quit their job right away, that usually this type of person comes in. Like, okay, I have another job. I’m trying to make some other money. If for some reason, this land thing takes off and it gives me an ability to quit my job.

Great. If not, I don’t hate my job. I’m not rushing to get out of there. That is this very normal, typical person that I see. And they do really, really well. They don’t quite have the urgency of someone who hates their job. Someone who really wants to get out, but they do well. They put time in, they put effort in, and if they’re in that boat, like I said, Adding 200, 300, 000 to your income is incredible.

Like that with five, seven hours a week is incredible. And that is what we’re seeing. And like the typical person, I don’t want to say typical, like that’s everyone who just joins our program, but the person who is coming in, taking action, they’re being consistent, they’re learning from their mistakes.

They’re joining our weekly webinars. That is what we are seeing is very, very common person. And it’s not that many deals. When you’re making 200, 000 a profit, that could be literally, it could be as little as two deals. It could be as much as 10, 15 deals, something like that. Uh, but a lot of these people are going after big deals and they’re being very, very efficient with their time.

When you are trying to make, if you’re coming in and you want to make a million dollars in your first year, you got to realize that it is more risky when you are trying to scale up really fast, especially if you have no knowledge in this background, you don’t have real estate knowledge, um, whatever it is, but you’re trying to scale up really fast in something.

It’s more risk at first. You’re like, you’re going to be less efficient with your money. And the reason being is like, if you’re trying to do that, you’re going to have to have a decent volume of mail. You’re going to have to have a decent volume of marketing, texting, everything like that. And there’s a big learning curve.

Like this is something brand new to you. And there’s a huge learning curve from where you are and where you need to go. You’re going to send mail, you’re going to learn from those mistakes, you’re going to learn from pricing incorrectly. You’re going to have so many different aspects where you’re going to be learning.

And that is going to expedite your land journey. And those people who come in, because we’ve had people make a million dollars in their first year, and it’s very possible, but it’s kind of rough those first couple months. Because they’re sending, typically they come in and they’re sending a ton of mail and like, there’s a lot of learning lessons.

Doing due diligence is a lot more difficult month 1 than it is month 12, but they get so many repetitions. With the volume that you have to do. To make a million dollars, not, not crazy volume, but relatively decent volume you need to do to make a million dollars, you get an unbelievable amount of repetitions versus that person who has a goal of 200, 000.

If you come in and you have a goal of million dollars and you need a five X. The output five X, the marketing of the person who wants to do 200, 000. Think about where they’re going to be five months down the line, six months down the line, if both of them are consistent, both of them are taking action to hit their goals.

It’s just, their goals are completely different. Their goals are 200, 000 versus a million dollars. Five X for a million. Theoretically, if everything else is the same, the person is going to get five more reps for every five reps for everyone at pricing five reps for everyone at due diligence, five reps for everyone at having a deal go through.

So the rep thing there is. Going to expedite, you can get three, four years worth of experience in this business in 12 months, if you come in with that mindset. So a huge key, if you are trying to do this, let’s say like you just joined the program, you’ve been listening to us, you joined the program. You’re like, I’m going to start right after the new year.

I’m starting the education right now, 2024. I want to do a million dollars. You need to be targeting big deals. It cannot just all be base hits. Base hits are great. Buying for 10, 000, selling for 25, 000, buying for 20, 000, selling for 40, 000, singles, doubles, everything like that. You need some home runs along the way or you’re going to lose your mind.

Like it’s just going to be, doing 20, 000 profit deals, doing 50 of them in a year is very, it’s, it’s possible, but it is, it’s much more tolling. Then if you can get that average up to 50, 000 per deal or 40, 000, where you just have to do 20 or 25 deals in a year, it is a huge, huge difference. And the only way to really do that, it doesn’t mean the majority of your deals are going to be 50, 000 profit.

But you get 150, 000 profit, everything else shoots up, your averages shoot up, everything shoots up. And that’s where the ability to do a million dollars, one person, like you don’t need partners. You don’t need to outsource much. Like maybe you outsource answering service. Maybe you outsource some scrubbing, maybe pricing, stuff like that.

You don’t need an in house person though, to do a million dollars. And that’s what so many people’s minds go to. Obviously, if you have limited time, like you might have to do other things. You can do this yourself, million dollars, 2024, if you’re just starting out, it’s just the mindset shift going after big deals, you cannot start out January 1st and send mail to 2 to 10 acres.

That’s not the mindset that we need for that. You need to send 2 to 1000 acres. You need to be going after a half million dollar purchases. You need to build those funding relationships so you can buy those half million dollar purchases. You buy for 500, 000, maybe it’s subdivide, maybe it’s a project.

Maybe it’s just flipping selling for a million dollars. You get funding, you make 250, 000 with 0 out of your pocket. Remember that the funding park partner makes 250, 000. They’re very happy. And then you, I mean, that’s literally four deals a year. I’m not saying you’re going to get four of those a year.

But that’s all, that’s all you need. You get one of those big deals, and that just, it makes everything else seem so much easier down the line. You can make 200, 000 on a deal, 300, 000 on a deal. That goal of a million dollars doesn’t sound as crazy. But if you’re doing base hits throughout the whole year because you only send mail to up to 50, 000 or whatever it is, it makes it a lot more difficult.

It really does. I’ve had people come in and they want to use all their own money on deals. So they’re capping their mail at 20, 000 so they can purchase all their deals and they think that’s the best thing to do, not utilize deal funding, not do bigger deals. And then it’s just, it is a grind. It’s a grind.

But you start making six figures on deals, you start making 200, 000 on deals. That million dollars in your first year is a lot more. Possible. You’re going to get help. Like if you get good deals under contract, if you have a sales mindset and you are talking to these sellers, you’re talking to them down, you get them at the right price, you’re bringing deals to us for us to review, and you’re going to get help along the way.

If you get legitimate leads, but if you’re just throwing any lead at people, that’s when those people really struggle. So what I’m saying by that, say you start January 1st, you send mail, you’re targeting big deals, you get a 300, 000 property under contract, you don’t do any due diligence on it, and you don’t, you’re not willing to negotiate, they just ask for 300, 000, so you’re like, okay, why, why not?

Then you bring it to a funding partner and funding partner’s like, this is worth 350, 000. And you’re not willing to negotiate. You didn’t do due diligence versus the person who’s like, I got it for 225. I think I can get them down lower, but I wanted to get the purchase agreement. See what you guys thought.

Like from a funding partner perspective, that excites me. It really, really does. Like that excites me. That’s someone who’s going to kill it in this business because they have that mindset. We’re going to need to negotiate this in negotiation. We’re offering them a hundred, whatever thousand hundreds, 200, 000 cash.

Like we can negotiate on that. They’re winning. We’re winning. Everyone’s happy. Um, as you go for bigger deals, you have less operational strain as well. So just like, think about it. Like I said before, 20, 000 average. You’re going to do 50 deals, 40, 000 average. You’re down to 25 deals in a year to get to a million big, big, big difference there.

Think about the operational strain on your business. You have to, uh, sell 50 properties versus 25. You have to do due diligence on how, who knows how many. You need to go through title on 50 and everything is 50 instead of 25. Um, so that’s what going for big deals is. Like I said, a lot of your deals will still be smaller.

20, 000, 15, 000, 12, 000 profit, which is fine. Those are going to keep your business moving because the big deals don’t come every week. They don’t come every month. But when they do come, those are what really make you money in this business. Like what really, really moves the business forward are those six figure profit deals.

So if you’re starting out and you’re like, this sounds good. Like January 1st, I’m going 2024. I’m going not just January 1st. I don’t like that. I don’t like, and I said that before, but I don’t like the mindset of like, I’m going to start doing this January 1st. Like you got to start now and make it happen.

It’s going to happen in 2024. Like I’m starting right now. I’m sending mail right now, but my 2024 goal is a million dollars. So get the mail out, do what you got to do for that, but how to get big deals as a beginner. It’s a, it’s something a lot of people coming in are nervous. Like I can’t do a 200, 000 deal again.

It’s just a mindset, a limiting mindset with that you can do whatever size deal you want. It’s possible. There’s money out there to fund your deals if you get the right deal, but what you need to do. You need to absorb education. You need to be confident with sellers. You need to be willing to negotiate with sellers.

You need to know how to do due diligence. So when you bring it to a funding partner, you bring it to one of our webinar calls. We have as much information. It’s harder for us to review 300, 000 deals versus 20, 000 deals. So if you’re first starting out, like do not have that limiting belief that like, I just started.

I’m not, I can’t do 100, 000 profit deal. I can’t buy 100, 000 piece of land, but like it is possible. Whatever size property you want to go for, you can get as your first deal. We’ve had people come in and their first deal is 200, 000 profit. Their first deal is 90, 000 profit and we see it a lot and it’s just like they don’t, they didn’t think twice about it.

Like they didn’t think like this, I might not should be, I shouldn’t be going for this. Like they just didn’t think twice about it. It’s the same process. There will be small changes, small seller changes a lot of times with 200, 000 deal versus 20, but overall it’s the same process. So really keep that in mind guys, as you are starting your business, as you’re going into 2024, if you have that big goal of a million dollars, think about what you have to do, the steps you need to do to actually get there.

You need to send a lot of mail. You need to target big deals. And you can do it for sure. Anyone can really do it in this business. Other than that, if you guys haven’t already hit the subscribe button right below, really helps us move the mission forward. Uh, if you like the channel, share it with someone else, leave a comment.

If you guys want any other episodes, uh, in the future, thank you so much. And we’ll see you next time. As always, thank you for joining. Please do us a huge favor and like, and subscribe our YouTube channel and share this with a friend. It really means the world to Ron and I, but more importantly, it could help change the life of someone else.

Thanks for joining and we’ll see you next episode.

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