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The question many will ask when they are starting out with little funds is “How can I get started in real estate/land investing with no money?”. It is a fantastic question and one we will answer together in this blog post. There are plenty of ways to get outside money to pay for your real estate deals, such as deal funding, seller financing, hard money loans, etc.

How To Get Started

You will need a good deal, if you have a good deal you will be able to find the money for it. With no money down, it is harder to get the information you need to be able to find a deal but it is not impossible.


Your best resources at this point are cold calling, or perhaps door-knocking to get someone to sell or to get a connection to someone who may be willing to sell. 


If you do have just a little bit of money you are able to pull data on pieces of land in the county or state you are looking to buy which would save you a lot of time and definitely yield some better results.

Ways To Find Deals

You could do cold calling as we discussed earlier, door knocking, or again you could spend a little bit of money and do direct mail (which is what we teach), hire a cold caller, or SMS marketing just to name a few options.


Ive put links in all of those options if you would like to learn more about any of them. 


Again, the best options for NO money down is door knocking and cold calling as it would only require your time. If you have a little bit of money to invest in this part of the process you can do direct mail, or outsource your other lead generation sources like cold calling and SMS marketing.

Seller Financing

What is Seller Financing? Seller financing is a repayment strategy that allows you to buy a piece of property without the use of a bank or a lender. The investor and the seller directly come to an agreement regarding terms of payments, interest rate, consequences of default, repayment timeline, all of the good things you need to discuss when getting a loan. Simplified, you are not using a bank and the seller of that property is acting as the bank in this transaction.


Finding a property owner okay with seller financing is not as easy as you would think. The upside for the seller is cash flow as you pay back that loan but they are forfeiting the instant cash that they would get from a normal real estate deal.

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are a great option for real estate investors looking to build their portfolios quickly. 


Hard money lenders don’t consider debt-to-income ratios, credit scores, and other criteria that banks or other lending institutions check when making a decision, you can use this financing option to purchase properties that wouldn’t otherwise qualify for traditional loans on the market.


Hard money loans are from normal people, with no banking experience or anything like that. They are people who loan their money out in expectation of the interest rate they charge. The normal rate at the time of this writing is 8-15% but that varies on interest rates in the economy, location, and safety of the investment being made, amongst other factors. 


Hard money loans can close in just a couple of days compared to a normal mortgage which can take weeks or even over a month. There is definitely pros and cons for hard money loan so be sure to do your own research before making a decision.

Deal Funding

Our favorite and most often the easiest form of buying real estate without your own money is just to use other investors! Instead of an interest rate like on a hard money loan, if you bring a great land deal to other land investors they may offer to buy the deal and give you a profit split.


This profit split can vary depending on the experience you have and the track record you have built up in buying and selling these types of properties. This relationship is very beneficial for both the funder and the person who found the deal. Normal deal funding rates can start at 50% and as you build trust go up to 70%. 


We offer deal funding for our students who find great deals as it is an easy way for them to get their foot in the door and make some real money without any money down and also does provide some more cash for us.


All types of debt require alot of research and planning before you execute, please do your own research on any of these options before you take a loan out. In order to buy a property with no money, unless you find a free piece of land (which is almost impossible) you will need to use other peoples money. 

Here are some options of using other peoples money and we hope this best equips you to get started in real estate investing with little to no money down!


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