Experienced Land Investor Rates (3+ Deals Done)

DaysTypeInvestor’s FeeManager’s Fee
1-30Joint Venture25%75%
31-60Joint Venture35%65%
61-90Joint Venture40%60%
91-120Joint Venture40%60%
121-180Joint Venture50%50%
181-270Joint Venture60%40%
271-300Joint Venture70%30%
301-365Joint Venture100%0%

New Land Investor Rates
(0-3 Deals Completed)

Days Type Investor’s Fee Manager’s Fee
1-30 Joint Venture 40% 60%
31-180 Joint Venture 50% 50%
180-270 Joint Venture 70% 30%
Disclaimer: Other conditions may apply depending on location and purchase price. Subject to change at any time without notice.
** For newer investors, we put more time and energy into the deals. Our team is here to assist you in the process. It is more heavy upfront legwork for newer investors, therefore the rates are higher. **