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When entering the world of real estate and land flipping, many individuals set modest financial goals like making $50,000 or $100,000 per year.
However, breaking the million-dollar barrier is not only possible but very achievable with the right mindset and strategies.

In this episode of The Real Estate Investing Podcast, Ron Apke delves into the key mindset shifts that separate successful land flippers making seven figures from those with more modest ambitions.

Believe It's Possible

Ron reveals that the journey towards a million-dollar income begins with the belief that it’s possible.
The most successful individuals in the land flipping industry also possess a growth mindset, always pushing their boundaries and believing in their ability to achieve more. Setting realistic yet ambitious goals is the first step to aligning actions with aspirations.

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Puzzles vs Problems

Entrepreneur and author Dan Martell emphasizes the need to see challenges as puzzles rather than problems. Problems create issues and external excuses, whereas puzzles invite a proactive and solution-oriented approach. Reframing challenges as puzzles fosters a mindset that embraces the thrill of problem-solving, enhancing creativity and resilience.

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Ron: You come into this business model and you think it’s not possible to make more than 50, 000 per year, 100, 000 per year, you have no chance of hitting a million dollars per year. Some people say problems. Other people say puzzles. When you look at what a puzzle is, you solve puzzles. Problems create issues.

Like just that little mindset shift of calling something a problem versus a puzzle is huge. This, the business is the problem. The mail is the problem. The whatever is the problem. And they’re just excuses. They’re just excuses. External excuses and not putting it on yourself. And it gives you a way out almost of this business.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to the real estate investing podcast. I’m your host Ron Apke. Today in this episode, I am going to be talking about the mindset of being a 1 million per year, land flipper. And this is something a lot of people come into this business. And want to make a million dollars per year in this business.

But most people start with like, I want to make 50, 000. I hear it all the time. And the biggest thing to making more money is having the mindset to make more money. So that is number one on this list that we’re talking about. You need to think it’s possible. If you come into this business model and you think it’s not possible to make more than 50, 000 per year, a hundred thousand dollars per year, you have no chance.

Of hitting a million dollars per year. Our most successful people in our community are extremely growth mindset oriented. They always have kind of believed it can happen. And that’s why they are making it happen. They’re doing big deals. They’re making big money on deals. They’re partnering with very big money partners, and they are being creative in the way they’re making money.

So that is number one thing you need to think it’s possible when you’re coming in. So if you’re thinking about getting in this business model. Set your goals, whatever it is, it can be 1, 000, 000. It can be 5, 000, 000, set your goals, and then you’re going to line your steps on how to get there. And that’s what we kind of help you with is okay.

Your goal is 1, 000, 000 per year. Let’s break down what we actually need to do. These first six months, these first 12 months to get there, maybe by 2025. If you come in right now, right now, it’s almost March, 2024. It’s not impossible to make a million dollars in 2024. Is it going to be hard work? Absolutely.

Or you can have to really grind. Yeah, for sure. But it is not an impossible thing to come into this business right now and make a million dollars in 2024. And the reason being. Is because the size of the deals, like you can make 50, 000, a hundred thousand dollars every single deal. It’s a very real thing that a lot of people are doing.

Maybe you won’t have the volume of deals, but if you make a hundred thousand dollars per deal, that’s only 10, that 10 deals per per year, less than a deal per month to hit that million dollars. So that is number one, that mindset of thinking it’s possible. It sounds easy, but it’s actually. It’s easier said than done without a doubt, like for you to say, like, I’m going to make 1, 000, 000 this year.

I’m going to do 1, 000, 000 next year in 2025 and land flipping is one thing for you actually believing and understanding how to do it is a whole nother thing. And you feel it. And the conversations I have with land investors, like you feel it. And the people who are like saying it like I want to do this versus like really believing it like believing that I’m not just saying this.

I’m going to do this next year. I’m going to do this this year, whatever the situation is number two. And I heard Dan Martell talking about this. He is the author of Buy Back Your Time, and I heard him talking about this a few weeks ago. He said, some people say problems. Other people say puzzles. He prefers puzzles and being a puzzle solver.

When you look at what a puzzle is, you solve puzzles. Problems create issues. Like just that little mindset shift of calling something a problem versus a puzzle is huge. Because just what problems when you view him, if you tell someone on the outside, like I have a problem, like they’re gonna say it’s an issue, like it’s hard to solve.

It’s going to create problems when you say it’s a puzzle. Like the way I look at puzzles, it’s a challenge. It’s something I’m going to solve. So that’s what I’ve actually started changing in my mindset in the last three years. Three weeks. Sorry. Since I heard him say that was just a little mindset. Even with my son, my son and I were building our home gym last night and he was talking about problems we had with building and like, this is gonna be hard.

And I just said, no, no, nobody. It’s, it’s a, it’s a puzzle. We’re going to solve it. It’s a puzzle. We need to figure it out. So I just started that in the last three weeks. I say it constantly. I, uh, correct people when they say problem and just kind of have that conversation with them. And it’s really helped me in my mindset.

Because A problem just is looked at so much like it is an issue. I’ve never looked it up. I love puzzles. I’ve never looked at a puzzle. Like it’s an issue. Like a puzzle is something it’s going to be a challenge to solve. Maybe puzzles definitely can be challenging to solve, but if you start calling your problems, puzzles, just, just.

You’re going to be more successful in solving them without a doubt. And the mindset shift, the slight, slight mindset shift is very valuable there. So number three, we talked about number one, thinking it’s possible for sure. Like that is for sure what you need. You need to think it’s possible if you’re going to make a million dollars per year.

Puzzles versus problems. If you want to change that in your verbiage, change it. If not, you’ll be fine. Uh, number three is fighting through tough times. Like there are tough times in this business. You’re going to have dry spells of acquisitions. You’re gonna have maybe have properties that are harder to sell.

You’re going to have properties that you buy and then find out something is wrong with them on the back end. And maybe you need to, uh, Break even on the property. Maybe you need to take a slight loss. I don’t know, but it happens like fighting through tough times. And the number one thing that is difficult with newer people, even more experienced people, the tough times, a lot of times are laws and acquisition or I sent 5, 000 mailers.

I got no deals. I sent 7, 000 mailers. I got no deals and fighting through those times. Is so, so important. And that’s a lot of people who struggle in this business, send three, 4, 000 mailers, maybe don’t, don’t get a deal. Then it’s like, okay, what’s the reason? What’s the excuse for this? Okay. There’s, and then they always look externally.

Out the reason why they didn’t get a deal opposed to looking internally like, okay, I could have been better on the phones. I didn’t work all my leads consistently. That is a very, very key thing without a doubt. So when you have tough times in this business, any business, it doesn’t really have to do with land investing, land flipping.

But when you have tough times in a business, like getting out of those tough times, solving those problems, solving those puzzles, uh, when you are in tough time, like, okay, my mail didn’t work this past month. What can I do this month to solve that puzzle? Can I be more aggressive on the phones? Can I be more aggressive with my mail offers?

Can I choose a different type of county? What is going to solve that? And if you can, instead of the excuse making mindset, like, okay, this business is too saturated. This business isn’t meant for me. This business is too hard. Mail is too expensive. I’m not getting enough leads. All these other things, and they’re just excuses.

They’re just external excuses and not putting it on yourself. Like it’s, this, the business is the problem. The mail is the problem. The whatever is the problem. Like it just stacks up and it gives you a way out almost of this business. And that’s what I see quite a bit of with mail laws in particular.

Sending three, four, five thousand mailers without a deal. It happens. Like it does happen at scale, mail is extremely efficient. Mail gives you the best return on your investment. Mail makes you work the least, which is what I like the most. The reason we are so, I don’t want to say bias because we’re not biased towards mail.

It’s just the fact, everything that we’ve tested, we have tested a lot of different acquisition strategies. Mail gives us the best ROI, not only on our money, but on our time. Like if I were, maybe I would get a better ROI on money if I were to start cold calling myself and just start cold calling, cold calling, cold calling.

But then I’m out of time. I have no time to do anything else and I’m just grinding on the phones. Mail does such a good job of weeding through uninterested sellers. So if I send 3000 pieces of mail, I might get 20 to 25 calls. I might have one to five interested sellers and I might get one deal. That’s what the numbers look like at scale.

And that’s why we’re so, uh, that’s why we like it so much because I’m not on the phone with 300 people to get one deal. I’m on the phone with 10, 15 negotiating. Uh, and that’s what gets us one deal. That’s what makes us 25, 000 per deal. And the numbers make sense. And it’s very scalable because we can scale up from that 3000 mailers to 6, to what we’re doing now, whatever, anywhere between 000 mailers per month.

Um, so fighting through tough times, the slow. Walls of acquisition are really, really important without a doubt. And the number four kind of goes in with all of these others. It’s consistency and a growth mindset. And when I say growth mindset, our best members, our best members of our community are in. Not every single one of our calls are live calls, but they are constantly trying to learn.

And they’re trying to learn from outside of us for sure, which I push everyone to do. Like we’re not the only people that understand land investing. There’s so many different niches within land investing. I don’t want you to get this. Distracted, but having that growth mindset that, okay, I’m flipping land.

I’m making 20, 25, 000 per prop of profit. Maybe there’s some other niche within there. Maybe I can start getting into entitlements where I can make a hundred thousand, uh, maybe I can do major subdivisions that might take two, three years, but it can be a million dollar profit one deal. So those are like the people have growth mindset who are continuing to refine their land investing skills and.

Learn from their experience as they’re sending mail, as they’re talking to sellers, all these other things makes people million dollars a year is low for these people, honestly, like doing only a million dollars a year for these people are continuing to learn, they’re being consistent with their mail, their acquisition strategies, and then they are adding other strategies to their tool belt.

Is the number one thing for people who scale up from 200, 000 to their first year to 2 million their second year. Other than that, guys, thank you so much for watching. If you have not already hit the subscribe button below on our YouTube channel, it really helps. If you guys are listening on Spotify or Apple podcasts, please leave us a review, share it with a friend, put it on your social media and tag us other than that.

Thank you so much. We’ll see you next time. As always, thank you for joining. Please do us a huge favor and like, and subscribe our YouTube channel and share this with a friend. It really means the world to Ron and I, but more importantly, it could help change the life of someone else. Thanks for joining and we’ll see you next episode.

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