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How to Make 6-Figures/month
by Flipping Vacant Land in 2024

In this episode, Ron Apke of the Apke Brothers discusses the journey from novice to $100,000 per month as a land flipper. Revealing that it’s a journey marked by highs and lows, successes and setbacks, but above all, it’s a journey of transformation. 

The Learning Phase

Embarking on any new venture requires a solid foundation of knowledge, and land flipping is no exception.

The first step in your land journey is no different. It involves immersing yourself fully in the learning process. Devouring educational resources, from recorded modules to live calls, and networking with other fellow investors.
However, the most invaluable lessons often stem from hands-on experience and the inevitable mistakes that accompany it.
Embrace the learning curve, for it is through trial and error that true expertise is forged.

Remember, every misstep is a stepping stone toward mastery.

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Finding a Groove

Once you’ve gained a foothold in the industry and honed your skills, it’s time to transition into the “groove” phase.

Repetition is key. You’ve analyzed countless properties, conducted due diligence, and perhaps even closed a few deals.

With each transaction, your confidence grows, and you become more adept at navigating the intricacies of land flipping. Efficiency becomes second nature, allowing you to streamline your processes and maximize productivity.

Niche Domination

As you become a master at the land flipping process, the final step awaits: niche domination.
You are now ready to scale up your business and focus on profitable niches like subdividing.

The key lies in identifying lucrative opportunities and capitalizing on them. By focusing your efforts and leveraging your expertise, you unlock the potential for unparalleled profitability.

Your margins expand, your deals become more lucrative, and the sky’s the limit for your earning potential!

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Ron: Welcome to the real estate investing podcast, where we help you unlock your potential freedom through land investing, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship. Hey everybody. Welcome back to the real estate investing podcast. I’m your host Ron Apke for this episode. We are going to be talking about the three steps to becoming a hundred thousand dollar per month land flipper.

And obviously These steps change from person to person, but with the hundreds of people that have come through our program, these are the three most common steps that the most successful people kind of go through while they’re going from zero from not knowing anything in land to going getting to 100, 000 and really over 100, 000 a month.

But let’s get into it, guys. Number one, the first step without a doubt, really in anything as you’re getting off the ground is that learning phase. It’s so, so important. And so many people, I don’t want to say, say, people try to skip it, but it’s an extremely important phase that some people might try to rush, I think more so.

And what it looks like, honestly, is one. You’re getting a ton of education. You’re watching live calls. You’re watching modules. You’re learning from other people. You’re networking. So learning can come from come from so many different places. So I really look at it is one. You’re learning from recorded modules.

Two, you’re learning from live calls. Three, you’re learning from networking, all that stuff for, and this is the most costly one is you’re learning from mistakes. Like you are taking action and it doesn’t always have to be costly mistakes, honestly, but you are taking action. You’re sending mail, you’re trying to do deals and you are learning from that experience.

So I think. When you’re looking at a value in which one of those, obviously, all of them come into play. And I think if you’re doing all of those networking, learning for modules, attending live calls, learning from experience, if you’re doing all those, like you’re going to make it in this business, no doubt about it.

But that part where you are learning from it. You’re learning from sending mail is something that you cannot skip. Some people try and the thing is people try to go from a to C a is learning doing the modules. C is making money doing deals, uh, easy, simple deals, all that stuff. B is some of those mistakes.

Some of those adjustments, you really cannot skip it in anything. If you go to the gym, uh, and you’re trying to go from being a skinny guy to being a jack dude, like it’s not like there’s, it’s not A to C. It’s not A to E if E is being jacked or whatever it is. Like you have, there are steps throughout it.

You’re going to make mistakes. You might get hurt in the gym. There are things along the road, there are going to be bumps along the road and you can’t go to the finish line from the start line. Like there’s a lot of stuff in the middle. As you’re learning this business, as you’re taking, doing deals, as you’re doing stuff that you’re going to learn without a doubt.

And it’s just something that cannot be avoided. And I think so many people get into like, they are so scared. Of making mistakes that they never do anything and like, I, I really don’t like seeing that. I hate to see it because it’s people with such high potential for this business. So much like this business could change their lives and they never really do anything.

They never get off the starting line because they’re scared of what could happen. They’re scared of losing 1, 000. That’s why. They’re scared of not getting a deal. They’re trying to make excuses and they give themselves a way out, honestly. And that’s what it is. But that first step to becoming a hundred thousand dollar land flip flipper is the learning phase.

That’s what I like to call it. The learning phase, you’re educating. You’re making mistakes, uh, you’re, you’re doing, you’re doing like at that phase, you are doing something, it doesn’t have to be costly mistakes, like I said, but you are doing something and then you’re making adjustments to that is all part of that learning phase education, which can be a wide variety.

Making mistakes, making adjustments. Okay, so that’s that’s the first step. The second step is kind of like getting into the groove like you. Okay, you understand this business a little bit. You are getting into the full. Maybe you’ve done two deals, maybe you’ve done zero deals, but you’re feeling confident like you.

You feel like you understand where this business can take you and you’ve got repetition like that’s the biggest thing about this phase is you have reps behind you. You’ve done due diligence on 20 properties. You’ve reviewed land on 50 prop, whatever the number is, it doesn’t matter, but this is the phase where those reps that you’ve gotten have really, like you start to flow a little bit with your business and you can feel it.

Like as you start to get some momentum, you really feel it. Like you’re out of that learning phase, not saying you stop learning. And I don’t want that to be, you’re always in the learning phase. Don’t ever leave that like you need to constantly be learning, making adjustments. All that stuff is so important, but you’re getting into the flow of this business that a lot of times it doesn’t take long.

Some businesses that might take five years, honestly, with the land business, with the way we teach things, with the way you do things in this business. It can be four or five months and what it really looks like. Like I said, it looks like repetition for sure. You get reps and things so you feel more comfortable.

You’re more efficient in all aspects of your business. You’re faster at scrubbing data. You’re faster when you’re sending mail. You’re faster when you’re doing due diligence. It’s faster for you to say no to a deal. That is one of the things. That new land flippers, new land investors struggle with the most when they’re starting.

And six months after they start, they’re like, wow, I can’t believe I wasted two days looking at this deal six months ago when I first started, but that’s part of it. That’s part of the learning phase. And once you have the ability to review deals and like, there’s some deals you can throw into the trash.

30 seconds after you look at it, look at the land. I saw one deal the other day. It was like a sliver of land for thousands of feet, like literally a slip, a sliver of land, like 20 feet wide. And that was the entire parcel. It was along the road. And I just like, it was easy to just, yeah, throw it out. It’s not a difficult thing to do, um, with time.

When you’re first starting you, you want to make deals happen. So I don’t want you throwing deals out that don’t, that maybe they could have worked. Maybe you could have done a deal there. And then just the speed of everything. So the speed of all this stuff creates so much more efficiency. You have some systems in your business, uh, you’re doing deals.

Ideally, ideally in this second step, you’re doing deals. You’re getting to a flow of things. You’re learning from deals. You’re still learning. Like I said, but you’re learning from deals. You’re learning from other things. Uh, you’re growing your business. Like your business is getting off the floor. You’re not at 0 anymore.

Like I said, we’re going from zero to a hundred thousand dollars. The second step, we can’t still be at 0. We gotta be doing some deals. We gotta be making 10, 20, 30, 000 a month. So once we get to that, like I said, if you’re doing 20, 30, 000 a month, great. This second step to third step. There’s a lot more gap, obviously, in between it time gap, and then it’s a big gap of money.

Like you might second step, you might be doing 20, 30, maybe 50, 000 a month. We need to get to 100, 000. How do we get to 100, 000? It’s in the niches. And that, uh, phrase that everyone said, the riches are in the niches. It’s true. It’s true. Like, niches can be so many different things in this business. It can be subdivisions in a specific area.

It can be entitling things. But taking your business to the next step, and it’s not going to be black and white, what Daniel and I teach in our program. Like, it’s going to be learning from your experience. Like, okay, you did deals in X county. You’re like, this is a very subdivision friendly county. It’s growing.

I can see it from the deals I’m doing. Like this makes sense to tack on a more sniper approach and try to do more deals in this area. And then you get those margins up. So this, these first two steps, your margins might be 10, 20, 30, 000 per deal. Once you get into the niches, once you start to do project based things, once you start to do these other type of deals, Your margins can be a hundred thousand, 200, 000.

And that’s why it’s not that crazy doing a hundred thousand dollars a month because your margins increase. Once you get into niches, you start doing improvements. Uh, like it’s just, there is no ceiling for the amount of money you can make on a single deal. And that’s why making 100, 000 a month really, it might, you might not be every month.

You make 100, 000. You might do two deals a year and do 500, 000 each deal. I don’t know what it’s going to look like it exactly for you, but what I know is once you learn those niches, once you do all that, like the. This ceiling is so, so high, and that’s what I urge members to do, who have been in the community for 12 months, eight months, whatever it is, like, start like thinking outside the box.

You don’t have to do everything. The way we teach things is like, okay, let’s get you your first five deals. Let’s make your first six figures, 100, 000, whatever it is, then start to not teach yourself necessarily, but learn from what you’re doing. Learn from the areas you’re doing deals in. And if you’re Flexible with that.

You’re willing to do those type of things like that’s when your profitability in this business is going to take off without a doubt. But really, guys, it’s not like these three steps might make it sound easier than it is. I don’t know, but it is not something crazy like it’s commitment. Like at the end of the day, these three steps are really just all about commitment, especially the first one, because the first one is the hardest one for people to get through because it’s commitment.

They’re starting something completely new. Obviously there’s education, there’s help along the way, but you need to commit to this business for it to work out without a doubt. And then getting into the other ones, like it’s just growth from there. Honestly, it’s growth. You got to be willing to grow. You got to keep trying to teach yourself, keep trying to learn throughout the process.

That’s the biggest thing from going to zero to a hundred thousand. If you ever stop learning, like you’re going to stop growing, your business is going to stop growing. You don’t try to keep improving your systems. Your procedures, your standard standard operating procedures, all those things, hiring people, taking some things off your plate so you can grow a little more.

Those things are all very, very important in growing to this size and beyond. Like we’re stopped. I’m saying tell a hundred thousand dollars. You can do three, 500, 000 a month in this business. No problem. If you take on these steps, if you’re willing to grow. Other than that, guys, if you have not already, if you’re watching on YouTube, hit the subscribe button below.

If you’re listening on Apple podcasts, Spotify, share this episode with a friend who you think it can be helpful for. If you’re someone’s looking to get into land investing, share this episode. I think it’d be very, very valuable. Other than that. Thank you so much. We’ll see you next time. As always. Thank you for joining.

Please do us a huge favor and like, and subscribe our YouTube channel and share this with a friend. It really means the world to Ron and I, but more importantly, it could help change the life of someone else. Thanks for joining and we’ll see you next episode.

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