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While land flipping in it’s current state is a sure-fire investment and can make you money fast, but where will land flipping be in 1 year? 3 years? Where will it be in 5 years?

We get a lot of questions about whether the land investing business is going to last long-term. In short, yes absolutely, but investors may have to adapt along the way if you want to continue finding massive success long-term.

Ron Apke, your host of this weeks episode of “The Real Estate Investing Podcast” delves into what land flipping trends we may see in the next 5 years, and provides effective strategies to help you navigate them.

Low Competition

The land flipping business has minimal competition in the current market, thus making it an ocean of opportunity for investors.

But how long will this last until others figure out how profitable & easy it can be to flip land?

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In the next 5 years, we predict more people will flock to this lucrative industry.
We may see shift towards a more sales-oriented approach, with multiple touch-points and enhanced seller service.

The Real Estate industry has always been sales focused, and while land flipping does require some sales knowledge, anyone can learn with a few simple tips & tricks. 
In the future, new land investors may need to start with a bit more sales experience, and current land investors may need to freshen up their skills & educate.

Luckily there are plenty of free resources available, and let’s face it, educating yourself will be beneficial regardless.

Speed + Service = Money

Speed and top quality service in the land flipping industry is critical, and will only become more valuable as time goes on and as the industry intensifies.

Respond to calls or emails in a timely manner, get your property listed as soon as possible.  If you’re working with a funding partner, transparent, consistent communication is going to carry you until the deal closes.
Nurturing the right relationships can not only help you in the present, but people remember how you managed the process, and will want to continue working with you in the future. 

Lastly, follow through with sellers. They should walk away from the deal feeling like they WON. In order to get them to this point, you must be responsive and work to meet their needs as well as yours.
It’s a balance.

If you tell a seller that you will get them $60k cash in two weeks, MAKE IT HAPPEN.
If something comes up and re-negotiation is necessary, BE TRANSPARENT.
They will appreciate it and may want to continue with the sale despite making less off their land. 

The Future of Land Flipping

It is the year 2028 and you want to get into land investing due to it’s massive ROI and low risk
Maybe you’re a seasoned land flipper, but deals have slowed down and you are wondering what to do next?
What aspect of land should you focus on? What are we going to focus on in our own land investing business?

Combining subdividing land with additional development work on the properties will be an extremely lucrative niche. 

Let’s say for example, you just bought a 50 acre property and you want to DO MORE to the property so that it sells for an even bigger profit.
A parcel this size has the potential to subdivide into 10 different 5 acre lots, but don’t stop there.

Add driveways, get septic and wells installed on each of the 10 lots.
You’ll add massive value to this land by making it building ready.

While it may take longer to close a project like this and get your payout, it will be worth it in the end when you finally get that check. 

Subdividing & project based deals is where we are heading in our own business model. While this niche may be best for experienced land investors who are trying to SCALE and grow their business, it’s something new land investors can look into and educate on now.  

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Ron: Welcome to the real estate investing podcast, where we help you unlock your potential freedom through land investing, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship. Hi everybody. Welcome back to the show. My name is Ron Apke, your host for this episode. And today we are discussing the future of land investing.

What is it is going to be in the next year, the next three years, the next five years and beyond that. And in this, we’re going to discuss where I view the most lucrative opportunities. That are going to be in land, investing in land, flipping, whether it’s flipping, developing, investing, anything like that.

Anything with land, that is what we are going to discuss today. What I see, how people are going to be making 5 million, 10 million, 20 million per year in land three years from now, five years from now. And beyond, like I said, and also how things are going to change in the industry as competition comes in.

I’m going to go all over that. How is, how is, how are strategies going to change as more people enter the industry as house flippers, house wholesalers, all these different industries come into land. How’s that going to change things for the better, for the worse. Everything in between, I will get into it really looking forward to this episode.

So let’s just start on a very basic level right now, guys, like where is land investing right now? 2023 it’s September, it’s October, early October, 2023, where is land investing? And for some of you who have been in land investing, let’s say you’ve been in for six months, three months, you just started last month.

Some of you might think if you haven’t come from another industry. There’s competition in land and it’s like, I’m fighting for whatever the situation is. The reality is land as a whole today is a blue ocean. There is so much opportunity within land, whether like the traditional way that we teach is buying for 40, 45 percent of the market and reselling on the market.

And the reason we teach this, the reason we believe in this method, the reason this works still today. Is because there’s so little competition in land. There are markets where there is competition. Like I don’t fight that at all. A hundred percent, any industry you go into, there is going to be some level of competition, but land, the opportunity.

Within land right now, we say it’s a blue ocean. Like there is so it’s such a wide array of opportunities out there. It is a level 10 opportunity where you can secure and build your financial future, financial freedom, the life you want to build through land investing. That’s the coolest thing, guys. Is getting into this now getting into this industry now could change you your future completely it could cause you or give you the ability to quit your job six months down the line, 12 months down the line, 18 months.

Maybe you don’t want to quit your job and you just want some extra vacation money or you want to retire earlier. I don’t know. Um. But that is what is so cool about land right now. And like I said, there are markets where there’s competition. Like there is competition with the land. I’m not trying to fight and say there’s no competition land relative to other industries, not just houses, not just real estate relative to other industries.

There is little to no competition land. You will run into people who are in the same markets as you, it’s going to happen, but fighting through those times. Trying to squeeze out some deals when that happens is so important. And that’s why we’re seeing the people who are the most successful in our program are the people who kind of fight through those tough times where maybe they don’t get a deal for two, three weeks, house flipping householders might not get a deal for six months.

Like that is a real thing. If you’re doing anything in land, you should get one deal every two months. Like at bare, bare minimum, you should not be going on three, four, five, six month streaks without getting a deal. But, um, right now land investing guys in general, like the opportunity is there. That’s why we can buy land at such a low value relative to market is because there is such little competition because there’s such high opportunity within it.

But let’s kind of move right in. So as competition increases, household sales, household, house flippers, um, all these different people, like they’re eventually. Going to, I would think maybe I’m wrong and it just stays like this forever, but people and it slowly happens and people dip their toe in the water in land.

And then they step back to household selling or whatever the situation is. But as competition increases. What do I think is going to change essentially and it’s a it’s a good question that I think about a lot because One of the things we do as a program, one of the things we do is try to stay ahead of the game because strategies are going to change.

Like that is inevitable. Strategies are going to think change. And I think the biggest thing, like I do think we are going to be able to get properties for 40, 45 percent of market value for the next five to 10 years. This is land. It’s not houses where people are living there and you need to get them to move out of their house.

This is land where I think we can buy these. At a significant discount for the long, long future. I truly, truly think that, but as people come in, as competition increases, I just think strategies, I think it’s going to be more of a salesman game. So multiple touch points. So right now we are obviously huge.

If you guys watch any of us. Any of our content, we are huge on direct mail, sending direct mail to vacant landowners and acquiring land at significantly reduced prices. I still think the reduced prices are going to be a thing, but I think the sales aspect is going to be bigger. So you building a relationship with these sellers, you may be sending a text, heavy automated text campaigns, multiple touch points is going to be a thing, or maybe not one piece of mail gets you a deal as much.

But if you send a piece of mail, you send a follow up text, maybe you send a second piece of mail, you are going to get a high, high volume of deals. I also think as competition increases your service to the sellers, it’s always so important service to the sellers. But your word with sellers, your follow through with sellers, your speed with the sellers, I think is going to come through huge.

Like I really, really think that the speed that you can do this business is how you make the most money. People want money and sometimes people don’t want their land anymore. They can’t pay their taxes, whatever the situation is. If you can follow through with your word, get them 60, 000. Even though it’s worth 120, but you can get them their money.

You can get it through title in two weeks, three weeks, whatever you tell them and you follow through the sellers, it is going to be so scalable. But if you are constantly trying to like hang sellers on and keep them on board, or you’re trying to wholesale a property and not being transparent with them with that.

I think that’s when businesses will suffer greatly and people can fail in this industry. But that’s the main thing when competition increases, you need to increase your service. And right now you should be competition. Isn’t crazy. Obviously you should be trying to provide the best service to the sellers as possible, provide the most value to them.

Anything that provides a ton of value is more scalable. So try to do that same thing in this business model. So next let’s get into, let’s kind of back it up, back it up to what I would do. If I was just getting started in land, um, honestly, guys, like the biggest thing, the biggest gap that I see from people making 150, 000 in land.

And 2 million is one. It’s just a volume game and two, it’s just education. Like if I was just getting started in land and I knew nothing about it, it’s a, and that’s what I did when we started five, six years ago, you need to absorb all the information possible. You need to learn about different strategies.

Um, just educate, educate, educate. Then once you decide what route you want to go. Whether it’s land flipping, whether it’s wholesaling, we believe in flipping, we believe in direct mail, flipping land, buying for 40, 000, selling for 100, 000, do it time and time again, you are going to put, you’re going to collect a ton of money, like it is going to scale very, very fast for you.

That’s what we believe in. Um, but going back to the question, like if I was getting started, you got to educate yourself on all different aspects of land. And maybe you don’t go one route, like maybe you don’t end up wholesaling, but you learn something while you’re learning about it and you can bring that over.

Like we have a lot of people who came from wholesaling infill lots. We don’t believe in info lots as much right now, especially. But we have so many people who came from that industry and they’re bringing something over, combining it with the education that we teach and they are wildly successful. So that is the biggest thing when you’re getting started in something new.

I think is that education, that learning curve, you need to be constantly educating yourself. You need to be a part of the community calls. You need to be just education, education. Like that is the biggest thing. And then taking action. Following that up by taking action. So we’ve kind of talked about competition increase in what I would do when I get started, if I got some land where land is right now.

So let’s go to fast forward five years from now. Where do I think the people are going to be making the most money in land? Like what niche we could say what niche or just like what part of land, like what is going to be, who is going to be the most successful, like, and I’m not going to talk about ground up.

Subdivision developing or ground up commercial building developing because I mean, yeah, that’s you use land to build, but it’s not really, it’s more that’s a combination that’s development. So I’m, I’m not counting that in this. But what I think, honestly, guys, it is, it’s going to be people who can, I think it’s going to be a combination of, of subdividing and subdividing and doing some work on those lots.

So let’s say you have 50 acres, you split it up into, uh, I don’t know, 10, 5 acre lots, you put driveways, you put septic, you put wells on all 10 of those lots. I think the value in having building ready land, the value in having mobile home ready land, whatever the situation is, is going to be huge.

Combining that with subdividing. I think subdividing and the smaller the parcels you can get and subdividing, sometimes it’s a longer 12, 18 month project. The smaller you can get on those parcels, typically the more money you will make if you are doing it correctly, it’s also more risky when you break it down lower, but I, I think project based things with the land are going to be without a doubt where people are going to be making the most money.

It’s where our business, like, I’m not saying we’re doing project base, every deal. But we are trying to do more. It’s probably 30 percent of our business right now. Project based, whether it’s subdividing, whether it’s clearing the land, whether it’s putting in a driveway utilities, anything like that, it’s a big, not a big part, but it is a higher percentage of our business than it was 24 months ago.

And I am not saying doing your first deal, having it be a big subdivision or having it be putting in a driveway. Don’t force these deals.

Let’s start looking into that a little bit, cause then you can take that 50, 000 profit you were making. And maybe make 300, 000 on your next deal. And that’s the reality of it. If you get the correct properties. Other than that, guys, thank you so much for watching. If you guys have any comments, you guys want future videos of please put them in the YouTube comments, reach out and discord.

If you have any suggestions at all. Other than that, guys, thank you so much for watching. See you next time. Thanks again. Bye. As always, thank you for joining. Please do us a huge favor and like and subscribe our YouTube channel and share this with a friend. It really means the world to Ron and I, but more importantly, it could help change the life of someone else.

Thanks for joining and we’ll see you next episode.

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