Land Investing CRM - Members ONLY Pricing

$999 $499
  • Land Investing CRM Access
  • CRM Video Modules (2+ Hrs)
  • Members Exclusive Pricing

Land Investing CRM

$999 $749
  • Land Investing CRM Access
  • CRM Video Modules (2+ Hrs)

Save Time

No more fumbling with different excel sheets, or phone numbers. Have everything you need clearly organized and placed where you need it so you can access it quickly.

Track Your Numbers

Track 10+ new metrics in your land investing business to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

More Deals

With streamlined processes and tracking, your ability to generate and keep track of more deals will greatly increase.

Stay Organized

Keep track of every single step of your business process so you can stay organized for yourself, or delegate these clear tasks & numbers to new employees while you scale.

Walkthrough Video Modules

Not familiar with how to use a CRM? That is no problem at all. We have prepared a complete video library to explain how to fully utilize it, EXACTLY where to put your information, and find the information you need.

Your Purchase Includes:

Fully Optimized CRM For Land Investing

Built through many hours, and tons of trial and error we are proud to publish the same CRM we personally have used since we started our business.

2+ Hours Of Video Modules

To help you best understand and utilize the CRM, we have prepared 2+ hours of video content recorded by Ron to walk you through every step of this CRM and how to use it properly.


Ongoing Deals

Keep track of every deal, in every step of your deal flow process. Never miss a deal, always remember when to follow up, and keep detailed notes on all potential purchases.

Potential leads

Keep track of exact names, and addresses with detailed notes from all of your ongoing & past mailers.

Business growth & Statistics

Track your past deals, expenses, profit, growth & more to keep you on track and growing at the speed you want.

Why A CRM?

A CRM is a customer relationship manager designed to streamline your business, reduce headache, and increase your profitability.

Many people will go into land investing without one, and it is a huge mistake. You will spend countless hours fumbling over potentially lost  leads, miss follow up times, lose track of deadlines, and ultimately lose money.

A CRM removes the questioning and gets your business on the right track to growth.

What Is A CRM?

A Customer Relationship Manager is a tool used to organize and keep track of a business. This tool is needed as you continue to scale, and this product is a one of a kind CRM specifically tailored to land investing which we personally used to scale to $5,000,000 in 3 years.

What Is Included?

This CRM package includes the CRM template we built, as well as 2+ hours of video content walking you through how to understand and best utilize the CRM.

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