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The Apke Brothers Daniel & Ron dive into a remarkable tale of how they turned $700 into a staggering $500,000, all from a single county and a thousand mailers.

Golden County

Before hitting the jackpot, Dan & Ron had their fair share of trials, mailing countless counties, each with its own promise. But none quite delivered like this one.

The Results: 1,200 mailers yielded nine deals with astounding profit margins. From buying for tens of thousands to selling for hundreds of thousands, the numbers spoke volumes!

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From landfill acquisitions to utility easements, the Apke Brothers encountered obstacles. Yet, through persistence, they turned them into opportunities. 

There’s no secret sauce to identifying such counties. It’s a mix of intuition, strategy, and a dash of luck. Your golden county awaits, but you won’t find it by sticking to the beaten path.

Every investor has their “golden county,” their slice of real estate heaven. The underlying principles remain the same: consistency, creativity, and adaptability.

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Listen or watch the full episode below ⬇️ to find how the Apke Brothers landed 9 deals from 1 county, netting them over $500k! 

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Dan: Welcome to the real estate investing podcast, where we help you unlock your potential freedom through land investing, real estate investing, and entrepreneurship. Hey everyone. Welcome back to the real estate investing podcast. Today’s topic we’re talking about how we made 500, 000 from one single County and a thousand mailers.

Yeah. I’m your host, Daniel Apke, joined again by my brother and business partner Ron Apke. So this is this County. I want to talk about this because We mailed, you know, probably 50 counties before this one, maybe not 50, but you know, whatever the number of counties we mailed before this, this county, and we didn’t necessarily get those results.

We were getting deals and stuff, but this was next level. And you will have these counties come that are just really, really good to you. Everyone has their county. They just love if you do this consistently.

Ron: Yeah. And it’s been, it’s been a little bit since this county we’ve talked about. This area before we’re not gonna if you guys are in watching this to hear exactly what county is We’re not going to say this in this episode Um,

Dan: But we’ve made 500 000 in multiple counties.

Ron: 100 percent. Yeah. This one though think that was so wild about this and I don’t have all the numbers right in front of me But it was 1100 maybe 1200 mailers And we got like nine deals and these weren’t bad deals These were buy for 30, 000 sell for 80, 000 buy for 60, 000 sell for 140

Dan: buy for 100 sell for 250

Ron: And I when you guys get counties that come back like this and it is going to happen whether it’s your first time you mail Or it’s your 10th time like you are gonna get counties like holy crap and you’re the first thing Natural thing to go through your head It’s like, one, did I overpriced to what’s wrong with this County?

Like I remember like you just keep on getting these deals coming in and it was multiple per day and you’re like questioning like okay Something wrong with this area. Are we gonna be able to sell the land

Dan: Exactly. And It’s like looking back at those deals Now if I got those on my plate, I would have sent them to title right away Just knowing the county as we do now in that area But then we were a little skeptical because we didn’t know what’s going on.

We got it was early on for in our career Yeah, it was earlier on And we can talk about other counties. This has happened in too. And it just, it will happen. There’s specific counties in my head that I’m just think of. And you’re like, that’s our county, you know, it did well in every, you see people in discord saying the same exact thing.

Ron: Yeah. And you guys see me, if you guys are in any of our YouTube lives or stuff, and I recognize a lot of counties when people bring them to us and like, and I just remember deals happening in those counties. But, uh, this one is one that like, I don’t know, maybe because it was like our first one that hit like this, you know what I mean?

I think that’s for it. I think that’s why, like, okay, like this is, this

Dan: is also where we bought one of the scariest deals with the landfill. Yeah. We still made 25 grand on it.

Ron: Yeah. So we bought a landfill in that County. We bought 60 acres looking back at it. You know what? Like I look back at the most, like if those deals came through today, we probably have five or six projects going on subdivide.

Dan: Subdividing. We had to deal with 2000 feet of road front and a pond. And it’s like perfect, perfect subdivide.

Ron: Yeah. But that’s what I kind of looked back when I do it. Yeah. The thing that I don’t want to get with this episode, Dan is like, there is not, you’re never going to know that you’re going to hit a County like this.

There’s so much that goes into it with pricing. You can make yourself more efficient, but you’re not going to know exactly who picked that County, by the way, I think that was you react. We are moving to a different area. We were trying a different area and like. I think it was the first one in this new area.

Dan: We’re the first one in the state, really.

Ron: Yeah. There was none. I think it was the first one in this new area and it was just absolutely insane. And the best part, I mean, there’s a lot of good parts about making that much money on 700. We literally, and that’s probably what the title of this or like the thumbnail on YouTube, if you’re watching on this, like it was a literally 700 of marketing money into 500, 000.

Dan: We used a realtor too.

Ron: For a lot of them, not all of them. Not all of them. He was scared of one of our properties. There’s pit bulls and stuff, he said. Yeah, I remember. And that’s the thing, guys. And there’s so many learning lessons from this county because we did so many deals. There’s a five acre property we bought in this county.

He went there. He’s like, don’t buy this. It’s a horrible area. And Dan and I kind of looked at each other. It had a utility easement. It was in a bad area.

Dan: We were a little concerned. What made us push this over to be like, we’re buying this?

Ron: I sold it with cash on top of it. On the phone. I was at my son’s soccer practice.

I remember I was watching it where I used to live down in South Carolina and I was watching his soccer practice and I posted on Facebook and I probably had a hundred messages

Dan: Because it was five acres for 25 grand. I mean, that’s just a good acre size in a decent area, but it had like, just going back to the point, the realtor said, stay away from this.

It’s five acres for 25 grand. He’s not going to make anything on that. Right. To the right of it. It’s a mobile home with a bunch of beaten down cars and stuff. The left of it was a mobile home with a bunch of beaten down cars and, you know, a bunch of pit bulls or something like that. Utilities. I tell a utility easement in the front going through it, but.

It was just every lot around it was filled up. I don’t care how Trashy the realtor thought it was like there are people looking for those type of lots to where they can do anything They want it was five acres for 25 grand. They’re gonna go and put their mobile home there

Ron: And yeah, I mean, like I said, there’s so many lessons learned from that county in general when we selected that like Going back to when we selected that county, Dan, or when you selected that county, as you let me know, um, what, uh, is there anything specific, like there’s no secret sauce to it by any means.


Dan: There wasn’t a lot of activity. I remember that. Like there was not a lot for sale and there was not a lot sold.

Ron: It definitely fits the criteria that we teach.

Dan: It definitely fits the criteria. And that’s how we came up with it. Like that was the same type of criteria. And we even looked back to see what it looked like then.

And it was very standard. There was not the one concern I would have, uh, if, you know. Potentially, like the one thing I could call out is there’s just such a low amount of sold data as well. And that’s some people ask us about, like, what if there’s not a lot of sold data? It doesn’t always matter. It doesn’t always correlate to the demand.

There was so it wasn’t like two data points, but it wasn’t a ton.

Ron: Yeah. So when you have counties like that, guys, that might have one, two, three properties for sale that are two to 20 acres, and you only have six sold comps in the last three years. The key isn’t necessarily saying those counties don’t work.

The key is looking into those sold comps and seeing how fast they’re actually selling. And when we did that, if I remember right, when we did that, like those things were selling fast. So this one fit. It wasn’t a ton of mail either. Like we were investing 700. Um, but yeah, that’s what I remember with the County and things flew off the shelf once.

This was a hotter time also in terms of selling land, like interest rates were lower. Everyone was looking to invest in any type of real estate, but it’s the same now. Like I’ve looked at the County, we’ve done more deals in the County since then. Yeah. But, um,

Dan: The main thing is like we, we used a simple County selection method.

It looked nice. We were mailing a lot of volume at that time, and that was one of many counties that we mailed. It wasn’t like, oh, we’re mailing this. This looks great. I can’t wait to get the results back. Yeah, it’s not how it works. You do a bunch of, you know, you put a bunch out there and see what comes back, and that was one that came back very strong.

One of the best deals we got from there. Did we remail that by the way? We did. We’ve rem mailed ’em multiple times. Yeah. We’ve re mailed and got multiple deals.

Ron: Yeah. Yeah. We get deals every single time we mail it.

Dan: Yeah, really? A hundred percent. Okay. Nice. That’s awesome to hear. But yeah, so I didn’t know how many, I know we remade it once and got a bunch of deals for, but.

I’m kind of losing my train of thought on where it was. But the fact is what I was trying to hit was that this wasn’t a planned County to make that kind of money. It was just, let’s see what we get back, get a deal or two, whatever. And then we had good success. And then we even got, you know, one guy’s neighbor ended up selling his other piece of land to us.

Correct? No, it was him. Oh, it was him.

Ron: He owned it within an LLC across.

Dan: And he, that’s right. And our, our realtor made us a hundred grand because our realtor is like, Hey, that LLC is owned by this guy. You might want to reach out to him and see if he’s willing to sell. I call him. He’s like, yeah, how much? I offered him 135.

We sold that for 260. Right?

Ron: Yeah. And the first, the crazy thing is that guy who the same guy, he texted in a purchase agreement. It was 60 acres. He texted in without talking to us ever. He, he just texted us a per, I remember, um, the first one was 60 or the second. The first one was 60 acres. Yeah. The first one was 60.

This, that was the more expensive one. The first one was more expensive. It was 60 acres, buy for 90. I don’t know what it was exactly. Um, but yeah, it was literally just a, that was one of our first big deals that we’ve ever done. That was just a texted. Picture of the purchase agreement. And, and like, you always like, okay, what’s wrong with this lane?

What’s going to be wrong. And then we look at it. We’re like, this lane is awesome. Yeah.

Dan: And then we had someone send us a picture. A guy took his canoe down there. You remember that? Yeah. Yeah. There’s a big Creek going through it. He took his canoe or something.

Ron: It’s wild. It’s wild. Looking back at all the different deals and so many lessons learned.

Dan: Yeah. And you’ll have different counties. Like we have a county. I won’t say the name for the purpose of this episode, because I don’t want people focusing on specific areas, but we had another county recently that we also made probably over 500, 000. Less deals bigger less deals bigger deals We did have some 10 and 20 acre maybe five seven acres as well But we also had one big subdivide and then some other small ones correct and then maybe two or three subdivides maybe yeah and that So that’s more of our deals now.

We’re making 500 grand with less less work essentially.

Ron: Yeah, and I mean would I take that County again? Absolutely But yeah, if you can get the like it doesn’t have to be I don’t know, 10 deals to make half a million dollars. That’s, that’s actually pretty good in terms of margins, but we had such big margins on some of these.

Um, but, uh, that being said, these counties are going to come up. It’s going to look different. Like your hot county, your county that you’re going to kill it in, it’s going to look different than this. It might not be a thousand mailers and 10 deals. It might be 2, 500, 3, 000 mailers and three deals, but there are a hundred thousand dollars plus each.

And that’s what a lot of our members who are really doing well and like they bleed, they really make the most of those big deal opportunities.

Dan: Yeah, I completely agree. And just get creative with it. That will come. Stay consistent. Um, like if there’s one thing to take from this episode, it’s hitting that same exact point I hit before.

Don’t, Don’t take county selection too seriously. You’re not going to find that you think differently. Think outside the box. 70 to 80 percent of land investors are one in one area. Sprinkle your marrow around the country. Try different areas. Try things that don’t fit our County selection box. Yeah. You know, we’re talking about 50 to 150 population density in there.

That’s just to get the easiest deal. The quickest, like think outside of that, go lower than that. Go a little higher than that. Test more Metro areas. Test more rural areas. Try a bunch of different stuff. It’s like what I want them to get. And you’ll see. What you like to do and what hits and what’s on your

Ron: own niche.

Yeah. You’ll find your own niche as you send mail, as you learn, as you do deals. And that’s what I talked about in the pre or a couple episodes ago. And three steps to make a hundred thousand dollars per month is one. Like you got to learn to, you need to kind of get in the groove, do some deals and three, you need to find your niche.

So those really are the steps. I think that’s what I said in that episode, Dan, to kind of get to that a hundred thousand dollars a month. But like I said, or like we kind of touched on this episode, guys, yeah. These counties will come, they’re going to look differently for you, but it’s going to be, it’s not going to be every County, obviously, but they will come.

And a lot of people, I think, I don’t know, I think they get kind of in the negative mindset where like, okay, maybe they had a County. They broke even on a deal. They made some money. Then it’s like, they’re just skating by and then this County comes that they’re making two, 300, 000 in a County. And it’s like, then they just get some over the top.

Some people quit before they get to that County though.

Dan: They will. A lot of people quit before they get there. You’ll have a County you get one response in. Or five people responding. They’re all mad. You know, it just, it will happen. Um, you gotta get creative. Like we talk about multi level marketing and all that stuff and where you’re texting and mailing.

Like that’s the thing, this, this County, you’re hot County. There’s so many people cold calling now. Like it might come from cold calling. You might get seven leads and all of them convert. Like, you don’t know, you just gotta get your feelers out there in order for someone to sell their land. You have to reach them.

So how can you reach them most efficiently and how can you reach the most people? And you got to come up. I was talking to a guy the other day, And he was frustrated one county, uh, you didn’t get enough leads back. I said, you want leads text, you’ll get 20 percent leads. What are you qualifying as lead? So you should be texting if you want to optimize for leads and not conversions.

And there’s different things to go about it. But obviously we’re talking about primarily mail in this episode and when you’ll hit that, but just being consistent, well, you’ll get there with whatever marketing you’re doing, like cold calling, texting. Uh, and just make sure to continue to adapt and change your systems and operations behind those two, especially.

And then obviously mail as well.

Ron: Absolutely. Well, guys, hopefully you guys enjoyed that episode. If you guys have not already hit that subscribe button below. If you’re watching on YouTube, if you guys are listening on Apple or Spotify, please share this with a friend. It really helps us leave us a review on there.

Other than that, thank you so much. We’ll see you next time.

Dan: Thanks for joining guys . As always, thank you for joining. Please do us a huge favor and like and subscribe our YouTube channel and share this with a friend. It really means the world to Ron and I, but more importantly, it could help change the life of someone else.

Thanks for joining and we’ll see you next episode.

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