Get Your First Deal Challenge: Cohort 101

$99.00 / month and a $896.00 sign-up fee

Learn the fundamentals of land flipping through our Bootcamp, and build a successful business alongside a Cohort of motivated land flippers.
The Land Flipping Bootcamp is built by seasoned professionals and facilitates hands-on learning that establishes direct contacts with industry leaders. The “Get Your First Deal Challenge: Cohort 101” is designed to take your 2024 financial goals and make them a reality!

This is a temporary offer with limited spots available, so don’t miss your opportunity to find financial freedom before it’s too late!

$995 UPFRONT FEE gets you:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Land Investing Online Bootcamp
  • Become apart of a tight-knit cohort with fellow land flippers
  • Dedicated cohort-only Discord channel
  • Bi-weekly cohort-only zoom discussions
  • Community Manager for added support
  • Earn rewards each time you hit a business milestone
  • Chance to win a fully paid vacation for two


  • Advanced Modules that are constantly being added to and updated
  • Recorded weekly webinars
  • Texting For Land Full Course
  • 90 Day Access to The Land Portal
  • In house affordable mail service with mail tracking and more
  • Member only weekly deal deep dives
  • Member only Discord (priority responses)
  • Accountability group – learn with others on the same path


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Get Your First Deal Challenge: Cohort 101