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In today’s episode, Ron Apke delves into the world of side hustles, specifically comparing land investing to other opportunities.

Ron draws on personal experiences, shedding light on how land investing can be a game-changer for those with 9-5 jobs seeking financial freedom!

The Grind

The key lies in efficiency and finding pockets of time in your day to dedicate to your side hustle. The mindset shift is crucial – it’s about recognizing the limitations of your schedule and making the most of the time you have.

Shelby, a guest on our podcast and member of the LIO community transitioned from a full-time job to being a full-time land flipper in just six months! The grind she put into land flipping while keeping her 9-5 job gave her the results she needed to eventually quit her job.

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Comparing Scaleability

Land investing is highly scalable with minimal time input, making it ideal for those with limited hours.

Another popular side-hustle is Drop Shipping. While this can be a potentially profitable side-hustle, it
requires significantly more time and effort, making it a more intensive than land investing. 

Comparing Sellability

Land flipping businesses may not be as easily sellable as some other ventures as it’s very new to the investing world and not many people have bought/sold land flipping businesses yet.

Drop shipping businesses, on the other hand would likely have better sellability if you ever decide to move onto new ventures.

Long-Term Gains

Land investing offers incredible margins, enabling you to profit significantly even with a part-time commitment. Other side hustles would likely require more time to see comparable financial results, especially if you decide to make it a full-time job.

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Ron: I was coaching college basketball. Actually, I was driving buses of college basketball players, taking land calls, all these other things. I was grinding it out. Like we have a nurse, I think she works like four, 12 hour shifts and she’s doing this business. When I was doing land as a side hustle, when I was working at nine to five, you would just have to find pockets in the day to grind, we didn’t have eight hours a day to run this business where we knew we had to find something where we could be very, very efficient with our time.

And there was a high upside. It’s not the sexiest real estate. Stay around for sure. Shelby, who we interviewed on our podcast, quit her job in like four or five months. She was working full time. And then I think she sent us a DM or something on a discord or message us. And she’s like, yeah, I just quit my job.

Hey everybody. And welcome back to the real estate investing podcast. I’m your host Ron Apke. Today in this episode, I’m going to be talking about land investing slash land flipping versus other side hustles. And in this episode. To preface what I’m about to go over, I’m going to be as unbiased as possible.

Obviously we are big in land investing, but I’ve also done a ton of other side hustles, built other businesses, everything like that. But what we want to talk about in this episode is a lot of people. It’s such a hot thing right now. A hot topic is people trying to get out of their nine to five jobs, which I respect.

There’s a ton of grind that goes into it. I was doing land investing while I was doing a nine to five job. I was coaching college basketball. Actually, I was driving buses of college basketball players, taking land calls, all these other things. I was grinding it out. Uh, so we’re going to talk all about that.

What it looks like going from. And nine to five job to land investing, doing it together at the same time. Is it feasible? And then talk about other side hustles as well. What is the difference in land investing versus these? What are the pros? What are the cons? How do they really compare? So, like I said, to start, I’ve done a lot of entrepreneurship ventures.

I’ve tried to flip other things. Like obviously I ended up flipping land. I flipped. Items off of auction websites. Uh, we’ve started a juicing company. Actually. That was one of Daniel and Maya’s ventures was a fresh juice company at a farmer’s market that we started. So we’ve done, I don’t want to say it all.

Obviously I’ve worked for my dad’s. Business that he’s owned for 35 years. So I’ve done that kind of stuff in the management aspect with that and grown from there for sure. But the one thing when I was doing a nine to five job and I was trying to start other businesses. So you’re working nine to five, you’re working eight hours.

And let’s say you’re being as honest with those eight hours as possible. You’re not doing other things during those eight hours. you are trying to be as efficient as possible when you get off the clock for that. So how, what side hustle is going to provide you the most value for your time, essentially after hours.

So one way to do it is waking up early in the morning, obviously getting work done. Then you can also do it after work, which when I was doing land as a side hustle, when I was working in nine to five or it wasn’t typical nine to five, I was coaching college basketball. But when I was doing that, You just have to find pockets in the day to grind, like not necessarily in the day, but like whenever you’re not working, like you need to find some time to get stuff done and be efficient with your time and the people who are the most successful in land who are in a nine to five right now.

Do that. They work at night. They’re not complaining. They’re still active in our calls are active in our community. And a lot of people, you really don’t know, like we have a nurse who works. I think she works for 12 hours. I don’t know exactly. I think she works like for 12 hour shifts and she’s doing this business.

Like there are so many different situations and of people who are doing this with. Not just a normal nine to five, like working more than 40 hours a week, and you can fit time into this for sure. Going into other business models, like the biggest thing that we looked for when we were looking at potential businesses.

And then when we started land investing was opportunity for our time. Like, what can we put? I don’t want to say minimal time, but what can we get the biggest output for the least input, essentially like Daniel and myself, when we started land investing, we both had full time jobs and maybe we could do two hours a day, maybe we could do 90 minutes a day, maybe some hours, three hours a day, or some days, three hours a day.

We would fit it in. Like we would figure a way to fit it in, no doubt about it, but we didn’t have eight hours a day to run this business. We’re not trying to start. A traditional business when we started this, where we knew we had to find something where we could be very, very efficient with our time. And there was a high upside.

And that is what drew us to land the opportunity and land. It’s not the sexiest real estate around for sure. It’s not like the most talked about, which we love, like I, I always say it with coaching students when you’re picking counties, even when you’re choosing an area target, go away from the grain, go away from other land investors, go away from markets where you see everyone doing deals, go away from the grain.

And that’s kind of what brought Daniel and myself into land. Like we were just going across grain. We see everyone doing wholesaling houses. Everyone house flipping everyone, rental properties, whatever it is, burr, all this other stuff, but it wasn’t really building true businesses and it was not possible with a nine to five job in our mind.

So, like I said, the one main thing people are looking for when they’re starting a side hustle, when they already have a nine to five job is something, and I assume the people who are listening to this in the same position, like you want to, if you’re working five to 9 p. m. or something like that on a side hustle, you want to be as efficient.

In this business or in whatever business as possible. And you want the output, the potential output of money that can bring you back as high and something that can also potentially get you out of your nine to five business for sure. So you can compare this to drop shipping, drop shipping, something that’s been around for a while.

Daniel started and sold a drop shipping company. That’s a really good comparison. Comparison business that isn’t in real estate because a lot of people are in it. Uh, it’s very scalable. You can make a lot of money, but it is a grind in terms of that. Like finding suppliers. It’s when, if you talk to Daniel about, if you talk to other drop shippers about it, it is something that is going to take more time than what land is, but getting into what land doesn’t really provide, what a land flipping business doesn’t really provide that maybe a drop shipping company does is.

Typically, I’m not saying it can’t happen, but typically land flipping companies are not going to be a sellable asset. So when I say a sellable asset, you bought a land flipping company to 3 million of profit per year, whatever the number is. If that is a drop shipping company, if that’s a whatever company, That business might be worth 20, 25 million.

You’re on, you can structure with land. I don’t want to act like it’s not possible because it is possible, but you need your systems. You need your people. You need everything to be on absolute point because this isn’t a big, the biggest industry and to be able to sell something like this to someone. When you sell an asset, when you sell a business to someone, it needs to be plug and play.

Like it cannot be, if I were to sell my land flipping business, the business could not be relying on me. It would have to be relying on the people around me who aren’t involved in the sale of business, essentially, who are employees, who are managers, who are whatever. For this, you would need an acquisition strategy or an acquisition manager, a transaction coordinator, all these other positions to make it a well oiled machine for a potential buyer.

But like I said, I don’t want to say landed a land flipping company is not a sellable asset. It’s much less sellable than a lot of other business types. So that’s like the one con I guess, when you’re talking about this business is it’s got, it’s difficult to sell. I don’t know if there’s any been any acquisitions in terms of typical land flipping businesses.

I don’t want to say it’s impossible because I don’t think it’s impossible. It’s just work in terms of getting that lined up. And it’s not going to be as sellable of an asset as some other business types. Um, but let’s kind of get in what’s possible for land investing. So let’s say you’re in this position right now, you’re listening to this episode and you have a nine to five.

And it’s taking up like it takes up 9 to 5. There’s nothing like you are working 9 to 5 at that business and you can work an hour before work, an hour after work, maybe an hour and a half after work. Sometimes you have a family kids. A lot of people come in with these situations. All those are I don’t want to say excuses, but it’s external mindset, things that like you just a reason why not like they’re anyone we’ve had all different types of people who have joined, who have started this business and made six, seven figures, people who have four kids, people have no kids, bachelors, bachelors, everyone in between grandparents.

There isn’t a person or a type that really is the most successful in this business. But if you have a nine to five job, you’re able to commit an hour to two hours a day. What is possible? I mean, it’s just. Unbelievable. Some of the stories you hear, like the greatest thing about this business is the margins.

You can send 2000 mailers a month. You can send 3000 mailers a month and profit 20, 000 without a doubt. Like it is a realistic thing. You’re going to have to have your acquisitions. You’re probably going to have to have an answering service. So you have someone else answering the phone when you’re at work, and then you make those calls back after work.

A lot of people, one of our most successful students, he pretty much makes all his calls to sellers back around five, 5 30 PM more in the evening than the middle of the day. And that’s a really, it’s a good strategy. You just need to find a way to get these people on the phone. And the biggest thing is if they don’t answer at five 30, like you need to have a sequence where you can touch base with them a different way.

So you can get a phone call set up so you can actually close the sellers. But like I said, if you have an hour before work, two hours after work, something like that, it doesn’t need to be three hours a day by any means. But if you can put an hour to two hours a day in consistently, that’s the key. You can’t do this Monday and Wednesday.

And then the other days you don’t do anything. You need to be consistent in this business to make it work. And like, we’ve always talked about. One of the biggest things is continued education, being active in our calls, continuing, being active in our discord, continuing to learn this business as you are.

Growing with it. And we’ve had people, Shelby, who we interviewed previously on our podcast, Shelby quit her job in like four or five months. She was working full time. And then I think she sent us a DM or something on discord or message us. And she’s like, yeah, I just quit my job because of this. We have a 300, 000 profit deal in the pipeline.

We have some other deals. We feel good about this. Uh, it was a leap, like it wasn’t like a guaranteed thing for sure. And she was a position where she could take a leap of faith and she believed in this business. And as far as I know, it’s worked out to this point, but three, four, five, six months, depending on your expenses, depending on all that other stuff, there’s a chance you could leave your job for this business.

There are people doing it every single. I don’t want to say day, but every month we hear stories of people quitting and it just continually happens, but it is that commitment. When you have that nine to five job, you need to commit to this business outside of that job. Like you need to be willing to invest in this business, time, money, and energy.

And that’s when great things can happen. And that’s short term sacrifice of maybe six months of really grinding. You have a nine to five, you’re doing this, you’re taking calls, you might be losing a little bit of sleep, whatever it is, that sacrifice is worth it. I’m telling you, like it was hard. Well, now college basketball coaching isn’t for it.

40 hours a week. College basketball coaching is 60, 70, 80 hours a week during the season. And that’s when I was doing this. I was, I was doing this during the season. I didn’t care. I was just making it happen. It was difficult balancing because college basketball is such weird times in terms of when we were going out to recruit, when we’re on the road playing games, when we had practice was random times, we would practice on holidays.

It was every day. Like it was seven days a week, but it just cannot be. I had a kid at that time. My, my wife was pregnant at the time, so there were no circumstances that were absolutely perfect, but that short term sacrifice for the long term gain is a hundred percent worth it. And that’s what some of you just need to get in that mindset.

I know my. Previous episode was just about mindset, but it is not that long of a sacrifice where you’re doing both at the same time. And you can realistically, if you’re consistent in this business for six months, you could be a full time land flipper six months from now. Anyone listening to this could be a full time land flipper six months from now.

I want to end it there though, guys. Like I said, this episode is all about land investing versus other side hustles. With nine to five jobs, all that other stuff. Where should you put your time and energy? That’s up to you to make that call. If you just want to stay in your nine to five, the next 30, 40 years.

Great. I respect that. I have no problem with that, but it’s not like you don’t want to be in your nine to five and complaining about that nine to five. If you’re that person, find a solution. Like I talked to in the last episode, it’s not a problem. It’s a puzzle. Find a solution to that puzzle. Other than that, thank you so much, guys.

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