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THE LIO CRM is such an amazing tool. It brought us out of spreadsheets into a concise space that has reduced wasted time, mistakes, and energy. It puts us in a really great position to scale--whether it's just my wife and I or our team. 5/5 stars!
-Wayne & Bri T
The new CRM has been a game changer for us. We tried using Google Drive and CRM templates as we initially scaled but everything was decentralized. This custom Airtable makes the process seamless end to end while being able to store all of our necessary documents. We are a lot less stressed managing and reviewing our data as we scale.
Anthony W


Most frequent questions and answers about the product

CRM stand for “Customer Relationship Management”. This is a tool that will manage and organize your business to help increase efficiency and productivity.

There is no monthly charge from us on this product. There is a free version of airtable that can be used with our product. If you want added tools with airtable the cost is $12/mo for the airtable subscription.

We have over 3 hours of recorded videos on how to implement the CRM for a successful land flipping business

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