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In this podcast episode, Ron Apke of the Apke Brothers reveals his expert predictions for the 2024 land flipping market.

2024 is poised to be a transformative year for land investors and flippers as interest rates take a dip.
This will likely cause a surge in land prices, echoing a broader impact on real estate values beyond just land. 

He expects land prices to rise in 2024, most likely driven by dropping interest rates.
This trend is not limited to land alone, as lower interest rates boost real estate values overall.

Not only will prices increase, but we will likely see two additional trends emerging throughout 2024 and beyond.

Read on to see what two factors could also play a part in changing the landscape of land flipping!

Interest Rates

The first prediction for the 2024 land flipping market that Ron makes is prices for land are going to go up. 

Interest rates play a huge role in this. As you know, when interest rates go down, real estate across the board goes up in value. 

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Demand is Increasing

Not only will interest rates influence a general price increase, but demand for land is also increasing.

Whether people want to buy land for long-term investment purposes, or to pass it down through family, more people are buying land than ever before.

More people are also migrating away from metropolitan areas. With remote and hybrid work environments influencing WHERE people can live, they are realizing a city isn’t required anymore. 
Again, the demand for land has already been growing over the past few years, and it’s only going to continue to grow.

Real Estate Experts

Over the last 6-8 months, we have seen an influx of real estate experts transitioning to the land industry and away from traditional real estate. 

Experts are seeing how much money is in the raw land industry, and if they are willing to see the possibilities and invest, they will realize just how lucrative it is. 

Once someone gets their first million dollar deal outside of traditional real estate, they won’t want to leave the land flipping space. 

Listen or watch the full episode below ⬇️ for an in-depth breakdown on what could be in store for land flippers in 2024 and beyond!

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Ron: Land is just becoming an asset that more people want. They tell me on the phone when they’re buying, they’re like, I’m not sure when I’m going to make it out there. I just know I want to own some land. I’m hearing that more and more, and there is so much opportunity in land. There’s plenty of opportunity for more people to come into this business.

Even just by buying a five acre parcel, you can get in the space in the land space in some way. I think it’s going to bode so well for the future. You have 25 year olds who are making six, seven figures every year. Today in this episode, I’m going to be talking about my three predictions for the land market in 2024.

I’m going to come connect this some to land flipping. I’m also going to. Talk about some other things just with land in general, what I am predicting for the market, what we are going to see, I’m trying to going to try to link it back always to land investing, how you can make more money in land investing.

So stay tuned for these three things. Uh, I’m really excited about this. I’m really excited for the market in 2024. I think big things are coming in land. I think there’s so much opportunity. One of the biggest things I see as an opportunity in land is the education space. And I’m just talking about learning about land.

There are so many things you can do to make money in land, whether it’s subdividing, whether it’s entitling, whether it’s flipping, whether it’s adding a minor improvement, putting a mobile home on the lot, splitting the lot and putting a campsite. Uh, all these different opportunities in land, if you can get in the space, even just by buying a five acre parcel, if you can get in the space, in the land space, in some way, I think it’s going to bode so well for the future.

And that’s why I’m so excited about. Just the people I see coming up in this business, how much money they’re making. You have 25 year olds who are making six, seven figures every year. And I’m really, really opportunistic about 2024 and beyond, but let’s get into it. Number one is land. Prices are going to go up and I don’t think this is strictly with the land.

Um, because interest rates are expected to drop in 2024. So I do think a lot of forms of real estate are going to go up other than like office space, which is in a pretty steep decline right now. And the market’s really struggling in a lot of markets, but land as a whole is going to go up in value is what I’m predicting.

And I think there’s a couple reasons behind this. I think number one, interest rates are dropping. So borrowing money is cheaper. I think that. As a whole, when interest rates go down, real estate goes up. Obviously it’s not cut and dry. Like it’s all that always happens, but as a whole, when interest rates, when money becomes cheaper property, real estate goes up in value.

And the second reason I think this is because land is just becoming. An asset that more people want. I think it happened since COVID. Honestly, I think since COVID land is an asset class that more people want more people, what we are seeing with our end buyers are a lot of people who live in Atlanta, Georgia, and we’re selling a parcel.

Two three hours outside of Atlanta in rural Georgia and just those are the people that are buying it up People and they tell me on the phone when they’re buying they’re like, I’m not sure what I’m gonna make it out there I just know I want to own some land. I’m hearing that more and more over the last 18 months or so so I think the average person more people are going to want to own land and that is getting Into number two, which is really what that is number two, I think in 2024, this is just going to increase.

I see it in my friend circle who aren’t in land at all, but you hear them talking about I want to own land and it’s not necessarily they want to own a 20 acre parcel and build a house on it. It’s just, I want to own land. I think just going back as far as you can in time, like owning land, owning land means something.

I give really does your owning a piece of the earth, whatever you decide to do with a piece of land, if you just want to pass it down from generation to generation, we have sellers all the time that we talk to that, like, this has been in my, this has been in my family for a hundred years. Uh, and I don’t want to sell it right now.

Call me back in a year and check and maybe I will. So land is something that. I think it’s coming back to the roots where people are willing to get out of the cities, willing to go into rural America, want to hunt, want to do all these different things, want to experience some time away from a busy city.

And like I said before, I think COVID kind of drove this need and this want where people necessarily didn’t have to go into the office to work every day or anything like that. But I am seeing that so so much in the market right now average people wanting to buy land I think this goes hand in hand with number one with the prices going up when demand Increases for things prices go up.

Like I said with number one interest rates dropping are going to make the prices go up Increased demand is going to really really drive prices up. I think some areas Outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, outside of Mobile, Alabama, which is pretty close, uh, outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, these are growing markets.

They might be past that, like initial growth fades, which was very, very steep, but these markets have such a bright future. I’m constantly, especially I talk to developers all the time outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, and it’s just getting farther and farther from the cities. Five, 10 years ago, they were building houses, 10, 15, 20 minutes outside the cities.

Now they’re 45 minutes, an hour outside of cities. And these are hot, hot, hot markets because of Charlotte and they’re an hour outside of the cities. And this is cities all across the country, Nashville, I said, Chattanooga, obviously like Austin, Texas. Houston, all those Texas cities are blowing up right now, Vegas, uh, and it’s just getting farther and farther from cities and land is becoming more and more desirable as you get farther and farther outside these cities coming into number three.

And this is going to really tie in to, um, to land investing, land flipping. I think other real estate experts. People who are wholesaling houses, people that are flipping houses, people that are whatever it is, buy and hold. I think there are going to be a ton of people who come into the land space. I’ve seen it more over the last six to eight months.

People seeing opportunity, like people come to where opportunity is and there is so much opportunity in land. There’s plenty of opportunity for more people to come into this business. But I think those people are going to start to see. It just takes one or two people that they know. Making a lot of money in land for them to like, okay, I need to try this out.

If they’re being, if they’re successful in wholesaling houses and they’re open mind minded to what land is to the possibilities of land investing. I think there’s, they’re going to come over. Like, I just don’t think there’s any doubt that in the next 6, 8, 12 months. People from these industries and it’s slowly happened like it has slowly happened.

It’s not like this is a new thing People coming over from an industry that’s getting oversaturated to an industry that has extreme opportunity So I think you’re gonna see that they’re gonna come over with different strategies. That’s the thing There are so many so many people get scared away from competition.

And if someone’s in their market, they don’t want to do anything these wholesalers that’s the advantage of what these wholesalers do is they come over and And there were a hundred other competitors in their market. That they’re trying to house flip or that they’re trying to wholesale houses. They’re not scared away by that competition.

That’s the advantage of when you have wholesalers come over, when you have house flippers come over and they come into this industry land flipping where there is so, so, so little competition and they. If they buy into the different processes, the differences within land and houses. ’cause there are differences and that the people that I see that fail, that come from house flipping, that come from wholesaling, do not are, are closed-minded in the differences between the two industries.

’cause land is not the same as houses. Houses are not the same as land, as you obviously know, but the people who come over open-minded. These people are absolutely killing it because there’s so much opportunity to come in. They do big projects. They do million dollar deals They are just really really taking on some big projects and it’s really cool to see and i’m excited for it I’m excited to partner with some of them.

I’m excited to help some of them learn about this industry Because there’s so much opportunity in it and they have a skill set with wholesaling the advantage of wholesalers coming over Is they know how to get things under contract. They know how to close deals. They know how to make deals happen.

They’re okay negotiating. They’re sales people. So they really can come over and make a big impact. They can do really well if, like I said a couple of times, they buy into the differences. So number one, prices are going to increase. Number two, the average person is going to want to buy land. They’re going to want to own land an hour away from where they live.

Five acres, ten acres, whatever the situation is. Number three, other real estate experts are going to come in to land flipping. I want to go back real fast to number one. Prices are going to increase because I want to link in one more thing that is going to help us as land flippers. As prices increase, let’s say someone’s property is worth 100, 000 today.

It’s not crazy. And they bought it. Let’s say they bought it 10 years ago for 25, 000, which isn’t a crazy number at all. It’s worth 100, 000 today. 12 months from now, that property could easily be worth 150, 000. Our advantage with us sending out letters with prices on it, offering to buy these land, these people are going to have more equity.

They’re going to be more willing to liquidate their land to us because they have some great equity in it because they’re looking for an easy way out of their property. I think as land prices go up, there is so much opportunity for land flippers because you can offer higher prices. You can offload properties faster when you go to sell properties and we’ve seen it the last.

Probably, I don’t know, six, eight weeks as interest rates. They started to say interest rates are going to go down. There are more buyers in the market. And I think that is honestly going to create more sellers because prices are going to go up. We can offer more money. We’re offering like, as I go, I see these next six months on a property.

I might’ve offered 25, 000 for today, four or five months from now, I might offer 35, 40, 000 and these sellers are looking at it completely different. That’s why when you’re pricing your letters, when you’re doing all of that hard work, getting that accurate is so, so important and trying to give your best offer.

Don’t overprice things. I’m not saying that. Don’t expect prices to go up, but use recent comps so you can look at this and get aggressive offers out to these sellers. Other than that, guys. Thank you so much for watching. If you have not already, please hit the subscribe button below. It really helps us grow, really helps spread the channel, the Apki brothers, everything like that.

Other than that, thank you so much. We’ll see you next time. As always, thank you for joining. Please do us a huge favor and like, and subscribe our YouTube channel and share this with a friend. It really means the world to Ron and I, but more importantly, it could help change the life of someone else.

Thanks for joining and we’ll see you next episode.

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