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In the latest Real Estate Investing Podcast episode, Ron Apke addresses the three main barriers to entering the land flipping business: funds, mindset, and time/skills.

He acknowledges that initial investments, whether in education or marketing, can be daunting, but suggests using creative and efficient marketing strategies, such as targeted cold calling if funds are low.

For those who are skeptical about the effectiveness of land flipping, Ron encourages engagement with the community to build confidence in the business model.

Additionally, Ron addresses the time and skill constraints faced by many new land flippers, recommending balancing work and personal responsibilities while gradually learning the business.

Watch or listen to the full episode below to get actionable advice and proven strategies to ensure you start your land investing business off stronger than ever! ⬇️

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Ron: Whether you’re coming in with a couple hundred dollars or a couple thousand dollars. Fear of using that money, spending that money, marketing for land deals. That is a huge, huge hurdle that a lot of people don’t get over to be honest with you. You have a 9 to 5 job that you have to work overtime sometimes.

You’re by your phone a lot. You got kids and you can’t just go all out forever. Sales is a huge hurdle. They’re not comfortable talking to people on the phone. This business, you’re going to have to talk to people on the phone. You’re going to have to have some uncomfortable conversations. It might sound crazy to some people listening.

Little things like that hold a ton of people back.

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Real Estate Investing Podcast. I’m your host, Ron Apke. In this episode, I’m going to be talking about the three things, the three most common things that I see holding people back. People back from getting into land flipping and we do anywhere from 30 to 70 consultations per week with people who are interested in getting into this business.

So we have quite a bit of experience talking to people who are not. Aren’t coming into this business or the excuses or the reasons, whatever it is, but, um, that’s the purpose of this. There’s hurdles with all three of these reasons, but none of them should just be a deal killer. If you’re in one of these buckets, there’s ways to get around all of it for sure, but let’s get to it.

I’m going to do the most common one to start. And that is funds money. Whether you’re coming in with, I don’t know, a couple hundred dollars or a couple thousand dollars. It’s fun. So like the fear of using that money, spending that money on education, on marketing for land deals. That is a huge, huge hurdle that a lot of people don’t get over to be honest with you.

And the thing about, let’s just start with the investing in education, to be honest with you. It is such a barrier mentally, I think for a lot of people. Because they’ve never bought an online education course. They’ve never invested. Really. It’s the same thing. It’s just investing in yourself. Just like people invest in college, just like people invest in being an electrician, those courses for being an electrician, anything like that.

That’s really what it is. But online courses, maybe because the ease of buying or making them creates a stigma or has created a stigma that. Uh, maybe dilutes the quality of them. And there are a ton, a ton of bad quality courses out there and vetting is so, so important. But the mindset between like, I’m going to do this all myself.

I don’t need help. Uh, YouTube’s going to teach me everything and turning that on. What an. What education does for you online education, it, it shortens the window for how long it takes for you to learn something. So if I’m clicking through YouTube or something like that and trying to learn, like really learn a business model, let’s say I was trying to learn house flipping.

I don’t flip houses. I’ve done some structured stuff like that, but I don’t know how to flip houses. Um, and I’m trying to find this through YouTube. That might be a three, four or five month education process where I need to find different educators Different, different things on YouTube and kind of piece them together.

And the biggest thing is when you do it like this, a lot of times the cost of your mistakes is going to be greater than the cost of whatever, whatever the education costs. But that is the first thing is just money in general. I’m not just talking about education, honestly, whether even if you’re trying to do it from YouTube or something like that, and you have limited funds for marketing, that is obviously a hurdle.

Now to counter this, you need to be creative with your marketing. You need to be efficient with your marketing. We just did a YouTube recently in the last couple of weeks on how to get into this business, how to get your first 25, 000 land deal with a hundred dollars of marketing. And it’s going to be more time consuming because you’re going to need to cold call.

You might throw some texting in there if you have limited funds, but being Very efficient with the marketing money you have and also putting some time in, you need to be making some cold calls. You need to be targeting those deals, and once you do get that first deal, you can ramp up so, so fast because you have money behind you now for different marketing methods.

And so let’s get into number two. Number one, money. Number two is a mindset thing. It’s really just. Not believing, I think in general, like land flipping isn’t an overly, it’s not old, like it hasn’t been around that long of a time flipping land like we do. And sometimes when you’re explaining it to someone like that sounds too good to be true.

And I completely understand that perspective for sure. Like you’re buying something for a hundred thousand dollars selling for 200, 000 with no improvements. Like that’s what happens from time to time. And. Being able to wrap your mind about around that. And we’ve had people come to our podcast studio who are students and been very successful.

And it is a very, very, uh, normal thing for them to even tell us like, yeah, I, it took me a while to believe this was like a real thing. Uh, they watched us, they listened to it and it, the. It is hard sometimes to wrap your mind around it, but we are buying things for 40 to 50 percent of market value as is.

And the thing about it is it’s not like I’m sending a hundred letters to people and getting a deal where I’m making 50, 000. It takes thousands of letters. It takes thousands of marketing touches to get these deals. And that’s what a lot of people don’t realize. We are a very, very bulk approach the way that we do things.

Can you do things a little more? So I kind of say like shotgun approach, which is bulk spray it out where sniper approach is like, you’re targeting very specifically what you’re doing. We’re more of a shotgun approach. Overall, we do some sniper stuff as well, but we’re more of a shotgun approach overall, and it takes a lot of marketing.

To get these deals. And that’s what I explain to people in my consultations or whatever, whenever I’m talking to them and explaining why this works. Uh, number one, a lot of landowners live out of state, out of County. So they really don’t want much to do with their land. So our cash in two weeks sounds good.

Number two is it’s not their house. It is a, an asset that they’re not really using a lot of times. So being able to give them money in two weeks sounds very, very good for them. And that’s really what it is. And number three, it’s just a ton of marketing that we send out. Like I said, you’re not going to get a deal for every hundred mailers the way we do things, but at scale, it can be extremely, extremely efficient and profitable.

And the mindset of understanding that this is possible is kind of the biggest thing. And if you’re in that position, it’s just about education, honestly. And I’m not saying buy it. I’m saying watch YouTube videos, watch testimonials, listen to people, talk, talk to people in the community. We have a 3000 person discord community that’s free.

And, um, 500 members, whatever it is in there and talking to them about the legitimacy of land flipping about the business. I’m not talking about our course or anything like that, just the business model as a whole and what it can do for you. Talking to people I think is the best thing talking to success stories.

It’s looking for testimonials when I’m buying something on Amazon, I am going to read the reviews 100 percent of the time. And that a lot of times is a huge, huge thing. And if I purchase something, uh, same thing with a new business model, this is the land flipping business model. Let’s get some reviews on the business model as a whole.

That means you got to talk to some people. If you’re in that position where like you believe is too good to be true or something like that. So going on to number three, it is just, so we’re talking about the three hurdles, why people aren’t getting started number three, I kind of combined a couple of things, but I think it’s either time.

And just skill. I’m going to kind of start with the time though. Lack of time. And this is a big one. You have a nine to five job that you have to work overtime. Sometimes you’re a outsized salesperson. You’re not by your phone a lot. You got kids, all this stuff. Time is a real thing. Like it is. A, it can be a real stranglehold, but the thing about it is about this business model as a whole, and it matters.

Your goal is to, are you trying to get out of that job? Are you just trying to supplement some income? So if you’re trying to supplement the income, you need to be very efficient with your time. Uh, you, you can’t. Because if you’re trying to supplement, keep your job, everything like that, not quit your job like you need to.

Okay, I’m going to work an hour a day at this business. 90 minutes a day. Long term. I think I can make another 30 40, 000 per month. Whatever the number is where I think if you’re trying to replace your income with this, You don’t need to quit your job. You don’t need to be as conscious about the time and like you draining yourself or anything like that because you can just go all in for six months.

Like you really grind for six months. There’s a really good chance you have the ability to leave your job at the end of this and it. doesn’t necessarily have to be sustainable. You’re, you’re balancing your job and then grinding out this land flipping thing after hours, but you expect to be out of your job in the next six months versus you want to stay in your job.

Like you need to have a balance. It needs to be sustainable. If you’re trying to stay in your job and you can’t just go. All out forever with this thing. It’s not going to work. You’ll, um, you’ll run on empty after a while. So that’s kind of the biggest thing with time is understanding your position. Uh, but if you have money and not as much time, that is when you can outsource things, just little things, inbound calls.

You can outsource pricing. You can outsource, you can hire a VA and you can do this business with 30 to 90 minutes per day. The biggest hurdle is the first 60 days or so because there’s so much learning involved Where you might need to put in more time out of the gate And then once you learn the business, you know how to review deals a little better you can Uh, pull that back a little bit to 60 minutes.

Cause I I’m not big on outsourcing things from the start for the most part, because I really want people learning that business model as a whole when they first start opposed to just throwing things at a virtual assistant or throwing things at, uh, an inbound answering service, learning things yourself at the start, learning how to talk to sellers at the start is extremely important in your growth as a land investor.

And then, like I said, the other gap of people getting started is just skills. They don’t believe that they have the sales skills to do this. They don’t believe that they can figure out Excel, like little things like that. Believe it might sound crazy to some people listening, little things like that, hold a ton of people back.

Sales is a huge one. They’re not comfortable talking to people on the phone. They’re not comfortable. This business, you’re going to have to talk to people on the phone. You’re going to have to have some uncomfortable conversations. And the biggest thing about doing that, if you’re starting from zero, you’re the worst salesperson in the world, which no one listening is I’m guessing.

But if you’re the worst salesperson in the world, like you need to start with some calls. That’s how you get better at anything. And the mindset of. Like I don’t have this skill set. It doesn’t mean you’ll never have the skill set to be able to talk to people on the phone, to be able to sell something on my phone, to be able to, uh, tell people why selling their land to you is a good thing and it can help them out.

If they’re in this situation, it’s really all it is. And then being okay with some negotiation. So those three things, kind of four things I said, guys. So number one is the money. Number two is really the mindset and then number three slash four, whatever you want to say is the time and then the skills as well.

Hopefully you guys like this one. I think it’s really important to kind of understand what box you’re in. If you’re in one of these positions, that’s interesting getting land infesting, land flipping. But one of these things is holding your back. Um, it’s really important to understand. A lot of people have got over those hurdles.

It’s very, very possible. You guys are listening on YouTube, watching on YouTube, hit the subscribe button below. If you’re listening on Apple or Spotify, share this with a friend, give us a review. It helps so much other than that. Thank you so much. We’ll see you next time. As always, thank you for joining.

Please do us a huge favor and like, and subscribe our YouTube channel and share this with a friend. It really means the world to Ron and I, but more importantly, it could help change the life of someone else. Thanks for joining and we’ll see you next episode.

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