Land Investing Online

There are innumerable ways to invest in Real Estate, it can get confusing amidst all those options. What are the best amidst all of those choices? While there is some great success people can find with creative financing, rentals, etc; there is one specific niche in Real Estate Investing that stands out amongst all of the options. Land Investing is not new, but it is a little-known investment in this space that produces some amazing returns. Land investing is the simplest, least competitive, and most profitable sector of real estate.

What is Land Investing?


Land Investing is the act of finding vacant land for sale anywhere in the country, and flipping it for a substantial profit. This can be done from either the comfort of your home or the comfort of your office. The average deal is buying land for .40-.60 cents on the dollar. You can invest in land from anywhere and produce some amazing returns.

What makes Land Investing different from other Real Estate Investments?

Investing in land is most similar to flipping a home, except it involves a fraction of the cost and significantly less work. In house flipping, a rehab generally costs about 10% of the purchase price of the property. 


For example, if you purchase a fix and flip property for $300,000, you should expect to spend about $30,000 to rehab the house. It is worth noting this does not include transaction costs on both sides of the transaction, both when you purchase the property and when you sell. How does that compare to Land Investing? It does not compare, as in this niche, the average deal requires $0 of rehab costs. You are simply buying the property for a steep discount, and selling it for a profit at the market value of the land. The fact that it is not well known is actually one of its superpowers, meaning you can tap into a large market with not a lot of competition.

How does Land Investing compare to generic investments?

Let’s compare Land Investing with the stock market. The S&P 500 index is a widely discussed asset that is considered to be very safe and provides good returns. The index has returned an annualized average return of around 10.5% since it first originated in 1957, to the current times of 2021. While the S&P is a good way to grow your wealth slowly in the long term, Land Investing has the potential to return 100% in a single deal. Not all deals will return as high as 100% of the capital invested but absolutely have the potential to do so with the average deal coming in at _%. Stocks are great long-term, Land Investing has the potential to do much more than provide mediocre returns.

Can someone invest in land full time?

Absolutely, Land Investing has the potential to replace your full-time income in as little as 4-8 months as some of our own students have seen. Those same students have found an average profit per land flip of $20,000 in just the first 6 months. This has the potential to generate some substantial side income, replace your full-time job, or even start your own real estate empire.

How does someone invest in land?

It can be a tricky space to navigate and achieve such great margins if you are diving in alone without any experience. Instead of going through hours and money due to trial and error, anyone can learn how to invest in land at landinvestingonline.com. We provide courses and 1-on-1 instructional assistance on how you can get into this industry and capitalize. Land Investing Online provides a fully dedicated course, our programs have been created with the sole purpose of providing you with real-world knowledge and insights. Our engaging lessons will make it easy for you to learn land flipping from professionals who are currently active in this space.


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